Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Before the big game, Miller Lite has made its digital debut.

On Monday, Miller Lite’s “Big Game” ad debuted at the Meta Lite Bar, which is the only place you can see it. Virtual world platform Decentraland will host the “first-ever brand-hosted bar in the metaverse,” according to a press release.

Miller Lite is available at the Meta Lite Bar, a traditional tavern. Officials say that patrons must still be at least 21 years old in order to participate in the immersive communal experience.

Miller Lite has Entered the Digital Universe

In addition to playing darts, fans will be able to play digital instruments on the bar stage, take a meta-selfie in a photo booth, and more at the event.

According to Sofia Colucci, the global VP of the Miller family of brands, “Miller Lite is doing things differently by keeping one foot in the virtual world and one foot in the real world,” she said. “Customers can stock up on game-day Miller Lite on us at our Meta Lite Bar, which encourages real-life hangouts over real-life beers. As a result, you and your avatar can now interact with other players in Miller Time.”

Miller Lite’s Virtual Cheers for Real Beers giveaway will cover the cost of your actual Sunday football party. Here’s how you can get in:

  • Visit the Meta Lite Bar in Decentraland.
  • Tap into the golden bar tap for a beer.
  • To find out if you’ve won, click on the arrow.

According to a press release, ten customers will win $500 every day from Monday through Sunday to stock IRL game day parties.

For the Miller Lite Meta Lite Bar DDB Chicago and DDB San Francisco collaborated. To learn more about the Meta Lite Bar, click here.

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