Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Twitch streamers have recently been debating the pros and cons of NFTs.

xQc recently stated that he turned down a $1.2 million sponsorship offer from NFT. Today, Mizkif disclosed that he, too, had received an NFT sponsorship offer while seeing a footage of xQc’s deal. As for myself, I had a $700,000 offer,” Mizkif revealed. This is now being negotiated, and I’m attempting to raise the number,” the streamer explained. It’s not like Mizkif plans to retain the money, though. The 27-year-old said he would give away $800,000 if he won $900,000.

As a result, “I look nice, I’ve got a healthy stream, and you know what? “I’m out of here if I make $100,000.”

Mizkif’s discussion was polarised. People either opposed him accepting the agreement or wanted him to keep the money for himself. After receiving a viewer’s request to keep the money, Mizkif remarked, “I am extremely pleased that people like me, xQc, and a lot of the other streamers take a very firm stand against NFTs since they are completely crap and scummy.” Many of the best streamers, including Pokimane and Asmongold, are still strongly opposed to NFT sponsorships, despite the fact that NFT sponsorships have been popping up all over Twitter and Twitch. One of the first big broadcasters to accept this most recent agreement is Mizkif if he accepts. He’ll still make ripples in the Twitch community even if he does organise a giveaway for the majority of the money.

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