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  • Monster Hunter Rise’s core gameplay loop revolves around hunting monsters, harvesting their parts, and crafting new gear with them. It’s a formula that’s worked well since the first Monster Hunter game, and Monster Hunter Rise continues that trend.

During the course of Monster Hunter Rise, players will come across a slew of smaller foes like the Izuchi. While on the Great Izuchi, you can usually find it in the Shrine Ruins or the Frost Islands. One of the most common parts to drop from the creature is the Izuchi Tail, which is used in a variety of starting items.’ It has no natural elemental weaknesses or ailments, as it is a diminutive monster. According to legend, the Izuchi who use their tails most effectively in battle are destined to rise to the position of leader in their pack.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Bows In Monster Hunter: World!

1* Off the Beaten Track: 1* Dango Duty: 4* Security at the Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp
The Izuchi Tail monster has a wide variety of crafting options.
-hunter-rise-izuchi-tail-2 \sArmor

  • Greaves, Izuchi (x2)
  • Email from Izuchi (x1)
  • Braces S (x1) Weapons of Izuchi
  • In the Izuchi Blade (x3)
  • The Izuchi Hammer is my name (x3)
  • The Izuchi Sickle is my name (x3)
  • Horn I (x2) Wind Thief Scimitar I (x2)’ (x1)
  • Third-generation Kamura Glintblade weapons (x4)
  • Japanese sword Izuchi Blade (x1)
  • Mystic Izuchi’s Hammer (x1)
  • The Izuchi Sickle is my name (x3)
  • Ambush Crossbow I (x2)
  • Wind The Horn of the Thief (x3)
  • Wind Light Bowgun I (x1) and Wind Lance I (x1) (x1)
  • Scimitar (x1) and Sickle (x1) of the Wind Thief (x1)

For the most part, players should be able to passively collect enough Izuchi during their hunts to make whatever Izuchi-inspired gear they desire. As a starter set, they’re suitable for both the Low and High rank ranks. Monsters like the Izuchi, which are small and easy to defeat, are ideal for players just starting out in the Monster Hunter series who want to learn how to use new weapons and controls. If you’re looking for a place to start, this isn’t the place for you. Many players’ first experiences with the game will be with the Izuchi, one of several beginner monsters. The Izuchi and other small monsters are the training wheels for Monster Hunter Rise, but they’re not everyone’s favourite.

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