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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is where common individuals hobnob with super-fighters, outsiders and real magicians. Considering all the oddness that is unfurled throughout recent years of films and shows, you’d figure it would be a straightforward leap to bring real divine beings in with the general mish-mash. All things considered, Marvel’s comic book universe is packed loaded with exacting divinities from virtually every pantheon known to man.

Yet, does the MCU have real divine beings, or only strong creatures mixed up as strict figures?

It’s an inquiry this common universe presently can’t seem to conclusively reply, and one that is turned into even more applicable with the introduction of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. How about we investigate what we know up to this point and why the most current MCU legend appears to conflict with that data.

The Asgardians and the Celestials 2011’s

Thor laid the basis for a somewhat more grounded way to deal with the lords of the Marvel Universe. That film proposes Thor and his kindred Asgardians aren’t in a real sense divine beings, yet rather profoundly progressed, enduring outsiders from an alternate plane of the real world. Their different connections with mankind propelled the Norse legends of old.

That approach remains as a conspicuous difference to Marvel’s comic book universe

\where Thor, Odin and the rest are depicted as genuine divine beings. A few stories venture to such an extreme as to show Thor hearing and answering the requests of frantic humans. What’s more, in that universe, the Asgardians coincide close by the Greek divine beings, the Japanese divine beings, the Egyptian divine beings and various different pantheons, while 2004’s Fantastic Four #511 proposes even the Judeo-Christian God exists in the Marvel Universe (and looks a truckload like the late Jack Kirby).

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