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A lot of characters in the My Hero Academia universe have changes that influence their appearance. Can any anyone explain why Fumikage has a bird head?

Fumikage Tokoyami anime dull shadow:

My Hero Academia is a world loaded up with legends. These legends have changes called idiosyncrasies that give them godlike powers. These powers can be classified into three gatherings: producer characteristics that permit command over something, change eccentricities that consider change, and transformations. One understudy at UA, Fumikage Tokoyami, has a transformation characteristic like no other. Tokoyami can be viewed as one of the most powerful understudies in Class 1-A with Dark Shadow. What’s so abnormal with regards to Tokoyami isn’t Dark Shadow however his bird head. Apparently, Tokoyami’s bird head doesn’t have anything to do with Dark Shadow and his capacities. Things being what they are, the reason does Tokoyami have a bird head?

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One explanation that Tokoyami has a bird head is the sort of peculiarities he has. Dull Shadow is classified as a producer idiosyncrasy in light of the fact that Tokoyami can call and control him freely. Indeed, control him all that he can consider that Dark Shadow is aware. This implies that Tokoyami’s bird head transformation gives Tokoyami two distinct peculiarities. Something known in My Hero Academia is that eccentricities are acquired. An incredible model is Shoto Todoroki, with his shoot and ice producer eccentricity. He got his fire characteristic from his dad and his ice eccentricity from his mom. This would imply that somebody in Tokoyami’s family should have some sort of bird characteristic that gave him the bird change. There could likewise be a his relative with a comparable shadow producer idiosyncrasy. This hypothesis can’t be demonstrated in light of the fact that fans haven’t been acquainted with Tokoyami’s folks or seen what they resembled.

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