Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

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The only time we write about games is when something like gamification is mentioned. As a matter of fact, Innovation Origins has an unwritten rule that we don’t cover gadgets in our articles. Also, we don’t write about the latest smartphones, cordless vacuum cleaners, or washing machines with sensors…

Carina Weijma’s latest column suggests that we’re undervaluing gaming as a cultural phenomenon.

Son Is In Metaverse

While praising her youngest son’s gaming abilities (and how good he is), she also emphasises the dangers. At the age of 11, we have a son who enjoys playing video games. No one can get away with breaking the rules when there are safeguards in place like parental controls available through an app.

He plays Fortnite with his friends (or one of the 350 million other players) on Sunday mornings, which results in a lot of loud chatter in our apartment starting at 8am. I’ve been exchanging soundproofing advice with a friend’s mother, who is also dealing with the same issue.

According to Alexander Loeb’s storey on the metaverse, this new dimension cannot be stopped, but that does not mean that it is bad. Online hackathons will help our children and their friends solve a variety of problems. Even Vattenfall, the world’s largest energy company, believes that the metaverse will make it possible to live without fossil fuels within a generation.

It is with these optimistic texts in mind that I plan to enter the gaming den this afternoon with a soda and a salad to accompany the chips.

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