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According to new research from Ebuyer, there have been 61.6 million discussions about NFTs and 15.2 million about the metaverse in the last year.

Among the most popular queries was Does the use of NFTs have an adverse effect on the environment?

why the metaverse is doomed to failure A survey found that 42 percent and 45 percent of conversations about NFTs and the Metaverse were started by people between the ages of 18 and 24.

New research reveals on Metaverse and NFTs

Over the past year, the acronym NFT has been everywhere. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lionel Messi have joined the conversation about non-fungible tokens, but how do the general public feel about NFTs and the Metaverse?

Ebuyer’s analysis of Google Search Trends, Linkfluence, and Answer the Public data1 shows that over the past year, over 1.7 million negative posts were generated on NFTs and 337,000 negative posts were generated on the Metaverse.

Does the public have faith in these new technological advancements, or are they sceptical of them? And what are people’s concerns about this issue?

This year, there were over 8.5 million posts about NFTs and 2 million about the Metaverse from the United States.

Over the past year, over 8.5 million conversations on NFTs and 2 million on the Metaverse were started in the United States, the home of Silicon Valley.

Non-fungible tokens were talked about in 22% of conversations, but only 5% of Americans were comfortable with them. It was Ethereum and Blockchain that generated the most chatter, with over 265,000 and 161,000 conversations, respectively.

With 2.1 million and 1 million generated conversations, respectively, Indonesia and India came in second and third place behind the United States. Gen Z males in India were responsible for 82% of all NFT conversations in the country.

The Metaverse is perceived by Americans in similar ways, with 13 percent of conversations sparked having a positive sentiment and just 6 percent having a negative sentiment. With over 19,300 posts, cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the Metaverse.

In the absence of a tangible currency, some members of the public may believe it to be unreliable. On the Metaverse, there are currently more than 337,000 posts that express a negative opinion of NFTs. Will our views on cryptocurrencies and virtual reality change now that we can pay with Face ID?

When searching through Answer the Public, it’s clear that the public has a scepticism about NFT safety. Among the most frequently asked questions were: Are NFTs harmful to the environment? and are NFTs bad?? bringing attention to the fact that some people are extremely concerned about the future of virtual currency. For the past year, Google Search Trends has shown a rise of over 5000 percent in the question,

“Are NFTs bad for the environment?”

In terms of the Metaverse, there were over 3.8 million positive conversations about it, with the most common question being which Metaverse coin to invest in.
If searches for “Metaverse Real Estate” have increased by 5000 percent, could the Metaverse become the new norm?

Although there were 337,000 negative conversations on the Metaverse, cynics questioned whether the Metaverse would fail.

No surprise that Gen Z is the generation most interested in NFTs, with 42 percent of the conversations coming from those aged 1824 and younger. For Gen Z, 45 percent of the year’s conversations revolved around the topic of the Metaverse.

29 percent of conversations about NFTs are sparked by male Gen Zers, with a positive sentiment of 32 percent. In light of Generation Z’s inability to imagine a life without the internet, this is not surprising.

NFTs and the Metaverse were both popular with baby boomers, who accounted for more than a dozen percent of the respondents in both polls.

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