Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

This week’s News of Note includes Apple’s possible link to the metaverse, Sony’s AI becoming better, a hospital using pen and paper to prevent ransomware, and more!

  • Sony’s artificial intelligence outperforms the finest human racers in Gran Turismo. (The Verge’s James Vincent)
  • Cryptocurrency is now being regulated in Russia. “Arnold Kirimi, Cointelegraph”
  • Customers of Black Rock’s investment platform will soon be able to trade bitcoin. (CryptoDesk’s Ian Allison)
  • The NFT accounts belonging to a pair suspected of attempting to launder billions of stolen coins have been wiped out. In the words of Buzzfeed’s Sarah Emerson:
  • TAE Technologies is racing to produce fusion energy with Google’s assistance. The BBC’s Paul Rincon explains:
  • The alleged augmented reality OS headgear from Apple has yet to be made. The Verge’s Tom Warren explains that (
  • It is becoming increasingly common for cyber gangs to engage in criminal arbitration as their activities expand. (Alan Suderman, AP Sports)
  • Will Big Macs be available in the metaverse? McDonald’s is planning to build a virtual restaurant that will be able to deliver food. For Grace Dean, Business Insider)
  • Disney is relying on the success of sports betting and streaming in the metaverse. According to The Verge’s Catie Keck
  • In order to prevent the spread of ransomware, a Florida hospital has turned to pen and paper methods and shut down its computer systems. In the words of CNN’s Sean Lyngaas:

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