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Kuno, or koin jadul, is sometimes compared to a belaka reception. It’s true that as time goes on, this receipt might be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in Indonesian Rupiah.
A 23-year-old named Yohanes Dicky has always had a desire to save money when she was a student at the Bangku Sekolah Dasar (SD). It’s clear from the tone of the conversation that the two of them like receiving gifts from their friends and colleagues in the form of ‘angpao.’


Yohanes, unlike other children of the same age, chose to save some of the money that had already been given to him. Until now, money has been a part in a few books. Among all the rupiahs that have ever been printed, she already owns all of them. In other words, from Hobinya’s point of view, the investment in kunonya’s uang kunonya has already exceeded Rupiah Ratusan.

By the time it reaches Rp 300 million to Rp 400 million, it may have already done so, says Yohanes to CNBC Indonesia.

  • In the name of Kuno, Uang. Indonesian television station CNBC
  • Uang Kuno took this picture. M. Sabki of CNBC Indonesia reports.
  • Kuno, Uang Kuno. M. Sabki of CNBC Indonesia reports.

Pria, who currently lives in Purwokerto, Indonesia, says that she receives a lot of money from her fellow members of the community. As is customary, whenever I visit Yogyakarta, I look for local currency in the Pasar Klithikan Yogyakarta.

According to the facts, Yohanes said that the most common currency in the collection of collectors was the Gulden zaman penjajahan Belanda currency. The Antara series spanned from the 1930s through the end of World War II. In addition, the Rupiah is the currency that is most frequently referred to as the Bank Sentral’s daily peringatan. Despite this, the specialised currency of the RI was difficult to get in the past.

“Zaman Belanda’s currency, which is the most frequently cited, was first issued in the 1930s, and the currency in the game of Seri Wayang was, in fact, long. Japan is also very long in the tooth. If the Rupiah that is most widely circulated is the uang-uang peringatan currency, “Yohanes, I don’t get it.

The name of Uang Kuno

As the length of the barang increases, so does the price. For a single lembar, or a single koin, of currency that is langka barangnya, it is possible to buy one new Toyota or Honda automobile.

“It’s possible for Belgians to get a car for the lembar of this one, Wayang Seri. Currently, a ratusan juta per lembar is being sold for this price. It’s because there are so many things that are out for sale at any given time that it’s difficult to keep track of them all “it’s time to turn around.

“If the currency of choice is Indonesian Rupiah, then the picture of Barong Bali that appears in the Rp 10.000 pecahan is a bit difficult to comprehend, with a price range ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the condition. To give you an idea of how much more expensive it was in the 1970s, you can buy an original painting for as little as Rp 5,000 (about $0.50), but the price can range from as much as Rp 60 million to as much as Rp 70 million “Yohanes said that, too.

When money was scarce in the 1990s, like the Rp 500 used to buy a picture of an orangutan, it wasn’t worth investing in, according to Yohanes.

Yohanes has all of his Rupiah since the dawn of time, all the way up to the current epoch-defining currency in the form of a special edition that has been deposited with the Bank of Indonesia in an undisclosed quantity.

“To this day, the Rupiah has been in the possession of nearly everyone, dating back to the early days of the Republic till the present day. There are a few that cost a lot of money but aren’t included in the record because the price is too high; they can’t be included because the album is too cheap “Yohanes, please.

In August of 1998, a young woman in Jakarta was arrested for attempting to buy currency at a kuno harga that she had previously purchased from the Bank of Indonesia (BI) for Rp 27 million. In this case, it’s Rp 27 juta worth of currency that’s being purchased as either a plan or a currency that’s linked to two or more other currencies, so that the two currencies are one and the same. Uang Plano Bank Indonesia – Indonesia’s Plano Bank. In other words, “Gallery Bank Indonesia.” All images are copyrighted. Bank Indonesia (Dok: Gallery of the National Bank of Indonesia)

Uang Plano Bank Indonesia – Indonesia’s Plano Bank

Even if it’s a payment method that’s shady, the uang plano in question is nevertheless available in large quantities for consumption by collectors.

“The most expensive currency I’ve ever purchased was plano kemarin Rp 27 juta. It was reported that BI was working with Balai Lelang in Jakarta. 40 uang, or about $4, is what it costs to make one kayak of selembar. As a result, Rp 100.000 gitu berjejer-jejer, but it was unnoticed “It’s time.

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