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Battles between Wii Sports Resort players and Miis in Swordplay’s Showdown mode.

The most recent Nintendo Direct was full with surprises, several of which were warmly received. After remastering Chrono Cross and bringing back Mario Strikers for the first time in years, Nintendo has unveiled a new multiplayer game called Nintendo Switch Sports. When Nintendo Switch Sports was announced, there was little reason to expect it would happen, given how long it had been since the glory days of Wii Sports. A new form of avatar appears to replace Miis, although the game still appears to be a spiritual successor to Wii Sports.

For the sake of true nostalgia.

Nintendo Switch Sports should bring back some of the most cherished modes from its predecessors. Numerous sports and games from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort have yet to be ported over to the Nintendo Switch Sports system, including: Wii Sports Resort’s Showdown, a PvE horde combat from the game’s Swordplay mode, is perhaps the most crucial of them all. Showdown’s return to the Nintendo Switch has already been made possible by Nintendo Switch Sports, which largely inherits and improves Swordplay as Chambara.

Switch Sports Is Joining A Competitive Market

The Showdown at Wii Sports Resort
Wuhu Island is seen behind the Wii Sports Resort logo.
Showdown, a single-player option in Wii Sports Resort’s Swordplay, was unlocked by playing the multiplayer modes Duel and Speed Slice. As the player progresses through Showdown, he or she encounters hordes of Miis that creep up on them one by one as they explore Wuhu Island’s pristine beaches and strange ruins. Since the opposing AI gets better as players move through Swordplay’s 20 levels, Showdown proved to be a substantial challenge. As a result, Showdown quickly became a feature of Wii Sports Resort. Showdown was surprisingly solid in spite of its simplicity, making it an excellent alternative mode for Nintendo Switch Sports’ Chambara, especially with the upgrades that Nintendo has made. Players in Chambara are apparently able to choose from three different types of weapons: a basic sword, a charged sword, and twin swords. By including these weapon categories into Showdown, Nintendo Switch Sports may add a lot of variation to the game, both for the players and for the enemies.

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