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Using the NFT project Novatar, people can customise their digital identity in the metaverse and control how old they get in it. Up until recently, the only consideration has been the creation of avatars to promote communication. As a result of this project, avatars will begin to age.

It is a virtual world that lets people to engage, participate in activities, and host events in real time. NFTs, on the other hand, provide exclusive ownership of digital goods like music and artwork. As a result of the epidemic and the resulting restrictions on physical engagement, these virtual worlds have become increasingly popular.
Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), VR and AR are used to create virtual experiences as close to the real world as is practical. One such initiative attempting to bring virtual worlds as close to reality as possible is Novatar. In the metaverse, it has developed a method for humans to experience physiological changes that progress over time. Here, you’ll learn how to age in the virtual world using the Novatar NFTs.

Here’s what more you need to know about the NFT ape:

The Novatar Project is what it sounds like.

If you’re looking for an avatar or Novatar that looks like you, you can use the Novatar Project. Develop a metahuman that resembles yourself, or has similar features. For social networks and metaverses, you can use your unique Novatar identity.

There will be 25,000 newborn Novatars, each with a unique combination of skin tone, race, expression, and physical characteristics. This means that each Novatar is a blockchain-based NFT, which means they can expand as soon as they are minted.

When the baby is ready to be minted, the owner has the option. They can also decide when to start ageing the infant. Developers have yet to reveal how much the NFT’s baby avatar will grow up to be when it is become an adult.

Novatars: How do they work?

To begin, you’ll need to select the baby avatar that most closely resembles your real-life self. During conception, each Novatar baby is given nine critical genes that it carries with it until adulthood. There are six distinct variations of each gene in a baby.

When you’re born, you’ll be given the choice of becoming an adult or remaining a baby forever. You have 30 days to make up your mind. There will be a “getting older” button on the website’s home page. A man or woman who has matured Ten of Novatar’s 14 genes are required, while the other four are not. Only genes that control skin, hair, eye, and eyebrow colour can have as many as 11 variants per gene in adulthood.

This means that as the baby ages and matures, certain genes will be passed down. Development of sexual orientation is an indication that Novatars are entering adulthood.

If you choose to raise your Novatar as an adult, you will be able to observe its genetic progress. They will be able to choose from one of the following occupations when they are adults: Doctor; Blogger; Gamer; Astronaut and Developer. Each Novatar has an 88 percent chance of being born with the “no profession gene,” according to the whitepaper from the developers. If the gene for professions appears, the likelihood of having each of the following occupations is:

Is there anything Novatars can do?

In the metaverse and on all social media sites, these Novatars can be used to represent you. To gain entrance to virtual events, you can use Novatars. As a result, you are welcome to attend as your Novatar.

The Novatar Project’s features:

  • No more than 25,000 Novatars will ever be produced.
  • Newborn Novatars will be minted and begin ageing immediately. A person’s ability to initiate the ageing process is fully within their control.
  • As the Novatar ages, more genes will be absorbed into its appearance or features.
  • Some unusual Novatars will be able to thrive because of the different gene pools.
  • A Novatar’s sexual orientation cannot be pre-determined.

In addition, Novatar’s engineers want to go even further with this. Your Novatars will not only represent you in cyberspace, but also in the real world. It is stated on the project’s website that the Novatar would be used as an entry ticket to four events in four major cities in 2022.

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