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The finish of the Wano Country Arc will transform One Piece in a great deal of ways. One Straw Hat crewmember could have the most to lose no matter what

Nico Robin In Wano Country:

One Piece’s Wano Country bend is, effectively, probably the greatest conflict in the story up until this point, if not the greatest. With Luffy ascending in power rapidly in the New World after his two-year preparing, it was inevitable before he tested any semblance of the Four Emperors to solidify his inheritance for great and become one of the most grounded on the oceans. Soon after showing up at Punk Hazard, the Straw Hats’ arrangements to bring down Kaido started and with time, they’ve just gotten more muddled. On account of Whole Cake Island, it turned out to be very certain that Big Mom would be associated with all the mayhem that was going to result, and she did precisely that by following Luffy to Wano Country. While things have been going extraordinary for Luffy, there’s a specific Straw Hat for whom two of the Four Emperors together spells a considerable difficult situation; Nico Robin.

The Inevitable Danger To Nico Robin in Wano Nico Robin involving her assault in Wano bend:

Back in One Piece’s Zou bend, Nekomamushi made plainly Nico Robin’s capacity to peruse the Poneglyphs is incredibly extraordinary and that it’s exceptionally pined for in the whole world. All things considered, she is the main key to the One Piece and is even known as the “Radiance of the Revolution.” Although very few endeavors to catch her have been made up until this point, the nearer Luffy gets to the One Piece, the more difficulty he will draw in, meaning any semblance of Kaido, Big Mom, and possibly even Blackbeard could focus on her. Robin reacted by saying that it’s fine assuming she’s designated in light of the fact that she has solid companions to safeguard her, obviously referring to how the Straw Hat Pirates gambled for their entire lives and raged Enies Lobby to protect her from the grip of the World Government two years prior. In Wano, notwithstanding, the circumstance around Nico Robin looks very tense. True to form, both Kaido and Big Mom need her toward the finish of the conflict, and they’re very certain that they will ultimately win over the new age and get their hands on her. For Kaido, there doesn’t appear to be a method for getting to the One Piece by any stretch of the imagination. He has no one with the Voice of All Things in his team and as far as he might be concerned, the best way to get to the One Piece is to get Nico Robin, which is actually why he requested Black Maria to catch Robin. Concerning Big Mom, while she has Pudding on her team who can peruse the Poneglyphs by utilizing her three-peered toward clan’s power assuming it stirs, the Yonko doesn’t have the tolerance to simply enjoy the moment. She, as well, needs Nico Robin to herself and even requests that Kaido not kill her particularly.

What Are The Members Of One Piece’s Worst Generation Up To?

On the off chance that two issues weren’t sufficient, the danger of the CP0 exists too, who additionally give off an impression of being following right after Robin. As of late, Rob Lucci made it very obvious to the individuals from the CP0 in Wano that their orders are to hold onto the place where there is Wano on the off chance that Kaido falls, and all the more critically, to catch Nico Robin. At present, two CP0 individuals are as of now on Robin’s back, with Brook doing the absolute best he can to keep her safe.

Robin’s Fate In The Wano Country Arc One Piece Nico Robin Hana no Mi Devil Fruit Punk Hazard:

Any reasonable person would agree that Robin essentially can’t bear to be caught here by the Four Emperors since that would infer Luffy and the Worst Generation lose their individual fights. On the off chance that that really does to be sure occur, Luffy’s fantasies about turning into the Pirate King are basically finished. Whenever the fight on the housetop of Onigashima started, Kaido made obviously the victor takes everything and draws that much nearer to the One Piece. The stakes in this fight are enormous, significance lose, and everything is finished. Fortunately, things don’t seem to be going excessively well for the Four Emperors. Large Mom probably can’t get her hands on Robin since she doesn’t have anybody dynamic on the island any longer and is at present occupied with a troublesome battle against Law and Kid. Truth be told, she is down, as found in last week’s amazing part. In the interim, Kaido requested Black Maria to catch Nico Robin and she was at that point crushed by Robin herself.

Fishman Karate Nico Robin:

Notwithstanding Sanji requesting that Robin come directly to Black Maria, he had full trust in her capacity to win and Robin reimbursed that confidence by prevailing upon the Tobiroppo. Kaido himself is drawing in Luffy in a monstrous battle on the housetop and most would agree that Luffy is doing genuinely well against him. On the off chance that Kaido wins, he gets his hands on Nico Robin however assuming he loses, which is the likelier result since every other person on his side has effectively lost, he won’t be a danger any longer.

One Piece: Most Powerful Zoan Devil Fruits (So Far)

The greatest danger that Robin faces are the CP0. They’re now following Robin and look as though they’ll remain determined. After previously crushing one Number and X Drake, they are currently being slowed down by Izo of the Akazaya Nine. Assuming CP0 gets their hands on Robin, maybe fans could get to see another salvage circular segment however this time, the Straw Hat Pirates hit Mariejois all things being equal. While that absolutely is a major chance, it probably won’t happen as expected. With Zunesha, the World Government’s powers are possible going to be managed soon, meaning the CP0 powers will not have any reinforcement. Simultaneously, Izo is slowing down them and Marco the Phoenix is not far off too. The CP0, while solid, will probably either lose in Wano, or be compelled to make a break. All things considered, Wano can’t end on a pitiful note for the Straw Hats or the samurai, who have hung tight 20 years during the current day. Moreover, there are many Poneglyphs that should be examined after the curve and that plot point loses its motivation assuming Robin is caught. For the time being, fans can have confidence that Robin is protected.

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