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In the case of an NFT collection announced by Ozzy Osbourne, you can be sure that the initiative will be widely publicised. Billboard, Rolling Stone, NME, Hypebeast, and Business Insider were among the publications that covered the unveiling of the “CryptoBatz” collection, a set of 9,666 digital bats.

Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Project

A phishing scheme is targeting supporters just two days after the tokens were coined, playing off a bogus link that was published by the project’s official Twitter account.

CryptoBatz, like many other NFT initiatives, organises its members through the usage of Discord. The short link now takes you to the official CryptoBatz Discord. As previously stated, the project’s vanity URL was

A bogus Discord server was set up at the old URL when the project migrated to the new one. CryptoBatz, on the other hand, did not delete any of Ozzy Osbourne’s old tweets referencing the old URL, which meant that Osbourne’s followers were still being directed to a server that had been taken over by scammers.

Ozzy Osbourne Tweet Discord

On December 31st, 2021, a tweet from CryptoBatz acquired more than 4,000 retweets and hundreds of replies. On January 21st, The Verge contacted CryptoBatz and asked them to remove the tweet.

Cryptobatz tweet with a fake link Discord

According to an invite panel that appeared after clicking on the bogus Discord, 1,330 people were already registered there, indicating that a large number of potential scam victims had fallen for it.

When a bot impersonating Collab Land’s community management service asked users to verify their crypto assets to participate in the server, it instead sent them to a fake website where they were prompted to connect their cryptocurrency wallets.

Collab Land’s Fake Bot

Nonprofit worker Tim Silman lost money as a result of the scam. According to Silman, his wallet was robbed of $300–400 ETH after he clicked on a link on the CryptoBatz website to a phoney Discord server.

At least a dozen people have voiced the same concern on Twitter,” Silman said. Other people have lost a lot more than me, if you look at Etherscan transactions.”

After receiving a series of incoming transactions totaling $14.6 ETH ($40,895) on January 20th, the Ethereum wallet address Silman linked to the scammers transmitted it to a wallet with more than $150,000. Silman claimed that despite being made aware of the faulty links, the project took a long time to remove them.

A number of other people have also attempted to get a response from them via Twitter, but to no avail. It’s a costly lesson, I’m sure. The CryptoBatz team continues to promote the public token mint, despite the presence of a false link in a prominent tweet. On the 21st of January, resale prices for CryptoBatz NFTs on OpenSea were roughly 1.8 ETH ($5,046) each.

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