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In the same way that an original painting or other physical piece of art can only be purchased and sold once,

so too can an NFT be purchased and sold only once, thanks to blockchain technology. In theory, this would allow artists to profit from the sale of their digital artworks. One of the many issues with NFTs is that works of art are frequently stolen and repurposed as NFTs without the consent of the original creator(s).

There have also been recent announcements from a number of game developers and publishers about their plans to get into NFT.

Persona 5’s in-game work of art, “Sayuri,” has been turned into an NFT on OpenSea by someone other than Atlus. It’s ironic that the “Sayuri” token is being sold as an NFT online, as if the buyer of this token owns an original piece of artwork.

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Persona 5’s Sayuri’s Backstory: The Story of Her Painting Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal’s second boss, sayuri Madarame, challenges the Phantom Thieves. He’s an accomplished painter best known for his work on the film “Sayuri.” As a result of meeting Yusuke and Morgana and Ann, the Phantom Thieves discover that Madarame is actually a fraud who has been taking credit for the works of his young students, exploiting and stealing their artwork. While Yusuke initially defends him against the Phantom Thieves’ accusations that he was once a hard-working painter who didn’t steal from others, this now includes the “Sayuri” painting, which he sells copies of for profit, though with some small changes. When Yusuke’s mother painted the original “Sayuri,” she painted him as a baby.

The “Sayuri” NFT is ironic because of the storey behind the painting, but it also represents the many issues with NFTs in general.

In the same way that Madarame sold copies of a work of art that wasn’t his and advertised them as genuine, NFTs frequently do the same with works that belong to artists and have done so repeatedly without the permission of these artists. So it is with the NFT dubbed “Sayuri” that has been made public via OpenSea. Blockchain technology is used to prove ownership of original artwork using NFTs; however, if the original creator has not given up their rights to someone who right-clicked and saved an image and is now profiting from it, the product can be regarded as a stolen product..

Since the NFT isn’t an original piece of art that many gamers are familiar with and know that,

despite owning the NFT itself, they wouldn’t actually own the original piece of Atlus art, it hasn’t seen a lot of activity so far. Even if some NFTs, like Marvel star Brie Larson’s new Twitter profile picture, are at least advertised as original works, the legitimacy of these claims is often disputed.

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