Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

It’s probable that Naughty Dog is presently working on a The Last of Us 1 remake, as hinted at by a new PlayStation Productions animation.

The very last of us the joel and ellie faces have distinctive characteristics.

For many, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is an important milestone in the fight to make gaming storylines equivalent to movies. One of the most memorable zombie apocalypse titles features a complex relationship drama between two protagonists, who are both struggling to survive. Recent evidence from PlayStation Productions’ animation suggests that a new The Last of Us game could be on its way. The first Last of Us game was released in 2013 and followed the relationship between Joel, a hardened cynic, and Ellie, a teenage idealist, as they travelled across post-apocalyptic America. The game is renowned for its ability to put players in Joel’s shoes and make them feel the same way about Ellie. While the second game has its detractors, most people agree that the original is a timeless classic.

Beautiful The Last of Us 2 Fan Art depicts a grown-up Sarah alongside her younger brother, Joel.

Some of Sony’s most well-known video game characters were recently included in a short animation from the PlayStation production studio. Sackboy, Nathan Drake, and Kratos & Atreus star alongside newcomers Jin Sakai & Aloy in a short film that lasts only approximately 20 seconds. In the same blue holographic light traced by their fellows, Joel and Ellie are clearly visible as well. Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann seemed to tease a remake when he appeared in their The Last of Us 1 iterations. Naughty Dog is presently working on three projects, according to Druckmann, but he didn’t go into specifics. It’s probable that one of those titles is a remake of The Last of Us because of the HBO adaptation’s delayed release and Druckmann’s constant hints. PlayStation Animation characters, meanwhile, have just received or are about to receive new games from PlayStation Productions. A definite binary is not yet established, but it is noticeable. The potential of a remake of The Last of Us has piqued the imagination of many gamers as of this writing. Several Twitter users expressed their desire for a sequel to the film. One person, on the other hand, felt that a remake was unnecessary and wished Naughty Dog would start again with a new IP.

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