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Pokémon has long been a popular franchise. Since 1996, the first Pokémon game has been in existence, and the franchise continues to thrive today. Both the anime and the video games are still going strong! Only a few of today’s Pokémon games are truly exceptional! This game is for you if you like Pokémon and puzzles!


The Pokémon Company has developed a puzzle game called Pokémon Cafe Mix. As a result of enthusiastic fans, the new game has already attracted some attention. This Pokémon game, on the other hand, is devoid of combat and action sequences. You’ll run a Pokémon-themed cafe here! However, the situation is more complicated than that. Prior to completing the customer orders, you must first solve puzzles. Please continue reading if you’d like to find out more about this topic!

What is Pokemon Cafe Mix?

Throughout the years, the Pokemon series has been a huge hit. Even today, they continue to bring joy and excitement to the community. There have been numerous Pokémon-themed movies, animes, games, and even trading cards because of their popularity! This game is a must-have if you’re a fan of both Pokémon and puzzles.


Managing a café and serving Pokémon customers are both possible in Pokémon Cafe Mix, a brand-new video game. To serve your customers’ orders, you’ll have to solve challenging and adorable puzzles. These icons must be dragged in a swirling motion to connect them. In addition, you’ll be able to acquire new Pokémon to assist you in running the cafe! You’ll be able to grow your business as you gain new customers and Pokémon along the way. Continue reading for more information!

Pokémon Cafe Mix’s Pros and Cons (Part 1)

This isn’t your typical Pokémon fighting game. Here, you’ll be in charge of a Pokémon café complete with Pokémon employees who will cater to the needs of Pokémon patrons! The following is a list of the game’s capabilities:

Playing Pokémon Cafe Mix isn’t like any other Pokémon game you’ve played before. However, despite being a Pokemon video game, it takes place in a world where Pokemon coexist peacefully. In other words, the cafe is run by Pokémon to serve other Pokémon! Puzzles, food, and all kinds of Pokémon await you in this adorable video game! In this game, you can unwind while admiring the stunning visuals and engaging gameplay! You will not be compelled to engage in combat in this environment.


Although it is a straightforward game, Pokémon Cafe Mix has some challenging puzzles to solve. You can only serve a Pokémon after solving a puzzle when they place an order in your café. Swirl the Pokémon icons together to connect them and solve the puzzles! Pokémon Cafe Mix is jam-packed with brain-teasing puzzles. You can even enlist the assistance of your Pokémon to speed up your puzzle-solving process!

As the café in Pokémon Cafe Mix is run entirely by Pokémon, you’ll need to enlist the assistance of your favourite Pokémon to get the job done. The best way to keep your Pokémon staff happy is to serve them delicious food and build strong relationships with them.


The graphics in Pokémon Cafe Mix are unlike anything else in the Pokémon universe! It’s got a great mix of cute and fluid animation! There are no 8-bit graphics like in its contemporaries because it is a unique game in the gaming industry. In Pokémon Cafe Mix, you can expand your cafe by adding more areas, shelves, cushions, and more as you progress!

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