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pokemon starshield and sword.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a huge hit on the Nintendo Switch, selling more copies than any other game in the series’ history. Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ distinctive open-world design could signal a shift in the genres of future Pokemon games, as seen by the game’s massive sales and active user base. Aside from the numerous gameplay and feature updates, the game also featured a large number of new Pokemon for players to acquire. There are new forms and evolutions of existing Pokemon, as well as new Alpha Pokemon, such as the terrifying Alpha Ursaring in Pokemon: Legends of Arceus.

Arceus’ Terrifying Meeting with Alpha Clefable in Pokemon Legends.

Pokemon Legends: Pokemon’s new forms and evolutions, in particular. Arceus is a favourite of many Pokemon enthusiasts, especially those who believed that Basculin deserved an evolution. While many older Pokemon acquired new forms or evolutions, others were left out and were omitted from the game entirely. Pokemon such as Staryu and its evolution Starmie were not included in this list. Sudenvarjo, a Reddit user, took matters into their own hands and designed a worthy evolution for the star-shaped Pokemon in response to its absence. The Starmie evolution fan art by Sudenvarjo is as stunning as the shiny Spiritomb from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, maybe not more so. Starmie’s design is heavily influenced by its pre-evolution, yet new components and additions have been added to enhance its form.

Adding new forms.

evolutions, and Alpha Pokemon like Arceus’ Rufflet, like Sudenvarjo’s concept art shows, the potential for Pokemon like Sudenvarjo is greater than ever. Instead, new forms and evolutions for well-known Pokemon like Starmie are almost certainly just around the corner. Like other successful Pokemon, Game Freak will be adding many more to future games if the popularity of all these new Pokemon among players is any indication.

Because Pokemon Legends:

Arceus has improved on nearly every aspect and function of previous Pokemon games, there is reason to be optimistic about the franchise’s future. Pokemon has never seemed more fresh to new and veteran trainers alike, whether it’s because of the game’s genre-altering characteristics or its RPG elements, which add new challenges and value to player activities. Perhaps in light of this game’s success, Pokemon Legends: Arceus gamers will return to Johto in the future for another epic journey?

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