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Demand 77: Gone Astray… in the Fieldlands” is one of the numerous Pokemon Legends: Arceus sidequests – this is the way to open and finish Request 77.

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The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes conventional interactivity in Pokemon and flips it completely around. Many elements went through a total redo while others were changed barely to the point of making them exceptional. One thing Pokemon Legends: Arceus offers of real value are Requests. Like most computer games, Requests are Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ form of sidequests. Not a solitary one of them are expected to finish the primary story, yet doing them will give a lot of remunerations and open new highlights.

A few Requests are essential for a series like Requst 59:

Misdreavous the Hairstyle Muse. One more Request series that ranges across all locales of Hisui are the Gone Astray… Demand line. Demand 77: Gone Astray… in the Fieldlands returns players to the beginning region: Obsidian Fieldlands. On the off chance that players have not yet finished the initial three Gone Astray… in the Mirelands/Coastlands/Highlands, they can not do Request 77.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Every Pokemon In The Crimson Mirelands (and Where To Find Them)

Where’s Wanda?

This is the fourth piece of the Gone Astray… Demands given by Zeke in the Galaxy Hall. To get this Request, essentially go into the Galaxy Hall and Zeke will be remaining external Cyllene’s office. Addressing him begins one more quest for Wanda with x2 Star Pieces as the prize. Players can sell Star Pieces for huge load of cash, which is something they will require in their Pokemon Legends: Arceus experiences.

Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands and decide to produce in the Highlands Camp.

Then, at that point, open up the guide and search for Nature’s Pantry. Wanda can be found in the area showed by the red circle in the above picture. To be more explicit, Wanda will be in the piece of Nature’s Pantry with the wild Paras and Alpha Parasect. She’ll be cornered against the side of the mountain by three Paras. On the off chance that players are as yet experiencing difficulty, search for a blue-leaved Cheri Berry tree. Wanda will be between this tree and the mountainside. On the off chance that players like to utilize Ursaluna, go to Nature’s Pantry and gather him so he can track down Wanda. Not at all like fortune markers, Ursaluna will have a blue bend before him when he finds Wanda’s trail.

Bring a Fire-type or Flying-type Pokemon to this fight.

Paras is a double Bug/Grass-type, meaning it has a 4x shortcomings to Fire and Flying-type Moves.
The Paras shouldn’t be too solid, however 3-on-1 fights can be interesting a result of the new fight framework. On the off chance that the mentor’s Pokemon isn’t quicker than Paras, then, at that point, it will be moving last and hazard being hit 2-3x in succession by one of the Paras. In the wake of protecting Wanda, return to Jubilife Village and gather the compensations from Zeke.

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