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There are a lot of Pokemon Switch games that let players get their hands on a wide variety, but some of them require the Pokemon Bank to be installed first before being played.


With so many Pokemon to collect and care for, the Pokemon series has run into an overpopulation issue that was a brilliant notion back in the 1990s. The 8th generation of the series has resulted in 898 Pocket Monsters being released. As the development team worked on Sword and Shield, the National Dex became too much for them to handle, thus Game Freak had to make the difficult decision to get away with it. Shortly before the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the National Dex was confirmed to be absent. Since the games would only feature Pokemon from Galar, this meant that players could only bring monsters from prior games into the game. There haven’t been any new Pokemon appearances since the alteration occurred. Players will be unable to capture these Pokemon or utilise them in any other games unless they use the Cloud storage spaces provided by the franchise’s Cloud service, Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home. As a result of the 3DS shutting down, some of these Pokemon will be unavailable.

Arceus, a Pokemon Legends player, has created an open world map that incorporates every area in the game.

What Pokemon Can Be Found in the Latest Nintendo Switch Games?
pokemon samurai sword and shield

The outcry to Game Freak’s decision to remove the National Dex was legendary. For a number of reasons, many Pokemon fans were worried that their beloved characters might be excluded from future games due to the developer’s openness about its plans to restrict future games to only particular countries. Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee have helped to ensure that many of the series’ characters are still present, thanks to Game Freak. While Mega Evolution was included in the Let’s Go games, the National Dex in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games still includes Pokemon up to Generation 4. There are 493 Pokemon to be found in these games, the majority of which were last seen in Generations 5 through 7. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Galar Pokedex contains roughly 600 Pokemon on its own, making it even more accessible.

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