Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Rappers are beginning to intensely engage in the NFT crypto world. Submissive Mill declared last November that his next venture would be a NFT mixtape, and Snoop Dogg reported on February 15 that he’d before long progress Death Row Records into the very first NFT mark. While the NFT world is prompting energizing new open doors for a significant number of the present greatest specialists, Polo G is one rapper not excessively enthusiastic about engaging in the crypto wave.

“Idk assuming I could truly get into that NFT poop without a doubt,”

Polo composed on Twitter on Monday (February 21). “Yet, assuming that you see me change my pfp to a monkey don’t begin dickridin… or gorilla anything it is.” Polo was possible alluding to the Bored Ape NFT, which Post Malone, Lil Baby, Gunna and others have paid thousands for to use as their profile pictures. The Chicago lyricist as of late dropped Hall of Fame 2.0 last December,which filled in as the spin-off of his blockbuster Hall of Fame project. Akademiks uncovered the continuation just wound up selling 79,000 units its first week, which Polo accused on a release that happened before in December. While the break was a bummer, Polo said he was unphased on account of insane new music he has in progress with 808Mafia’s Southside.


they had released my entire poo a month befo it Dropped Which I actually just can’t figure how that occurred… .yet this light poo doeIm on To Dis Southside Project me and brother @sizzle808MAFIA finna mess the roads up dats an assurance,” Polo G tweeted. Southside upheld Polo’s conviction that the collab was insane, and, surprisingly, said he could drop a scrap. “This @Polo_Capalot collection I got you all kno in the event that I stamp it’s an assurance exemplary Lil brother incredible I MITE DROP A SNIP IT TOMORROW IF I GET ENOUGH RETWEETS.”

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