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The genre of tower defence games has long been a favourite among gamers. Beautiful tower games have been created ever since the advent of video games. Because people enjoy using their brains on occasion while playing games, they’re popular with just about everyone. Tower games have a unique ability to engage the brain while also providing hours of entertainment.


However, there are already a large number of games in this genre on the market, making the creation of yet another one unnecessary. As a result, developers are constantly looking for new ways to bring back this old genre. There is a PvP tower defence game that uses dice! In this new tower defence game, you’ll need to rethink everything you’ve learned about the genre. To learn more, continue reading!

Do you know what dice are?

Consider how many games we play today that wouldn’t be complete without a set of dice? They often give us a suitable reason to play. Once all other conditions are met, they ensure that a game is fair. As a result, their inclusion in a PvP tower defence game makes perfect sense.

On Google Play alone, Random Dice has more than 1 million downloads! People love this strategy game so much because of the unique twist. Each game lasts no more than two minutes here. Players roll the dice to begin the game. Afterwards, you’ll be given a random dice piece that you can use to support your side. The objective is to attack and defend at the same time. As you attack, you’ll earn SP that you can spend on dice.


As a final option, you can either upgrade or merge your troops to increase their strength and effectiveness. When it comes to strategy games, this one is the best of both worlds. Initially, it may be a bit of a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite fun. There are so many ways to win in this game because of that. There are a slew of options available, so you can maximise your chances of success. To learn more about what this game has to offer, continue reading this article.

Dice with Random Numbers

This tower defence game may not have the most eye-catching visuals or the most memorable characters, but it certainly packs a punch in terms of functionality. Strategy games are boring; this one will test your mettle! The following are some of the game’s key characteristics:

Dice upgrades are the key to winning more games in Random Dice. Dice can be strengthened to maximise their potential in addition to purchasing new dice. The dice in this game come in five different colours, making it easy to tell them apart. Based on the type of dice you’re using, you can upgrade them. Using this will allow you to inflict more damage on the enemy! However, you will need money to do so. When you win a match, you can get these! Buying new dice is a good idea in the beginning. Your enemy is advancing on your base, and you can’t just sit there and do nothing. Upgrade your current dice so that you can strengthen your defence as time goes on.


When using Random Dice, you can also combine the dice pieces together in a new one called “Merge.” When two dice of the same colour or number of dots are combined, the dice becomes stronger. In the event of a merge, new dice will have a different colour. You can only have a maximum of 12 dice pieces on each screen. As a result, combining them will allow you to boost your army’s strength while freeing up space for new dice. If you want to win matches, you should follow this strategy.

a variety of game modes — PvP and Alliance are the two main modes in Random Dice. PvP is a type of online combat that pits two players against each other. You have the option of playing with your loved ones or against players from all over the world. Those players who are able to stop their opponents in their tracks are the winners. As a reward for winning, the winner will receive a wide variety of items including gems and rare dice. It’s a one-on-one battle with another player in the Alliance mode. What matters is how many enemy waves you can withstand. This is a great way to earn money and hone your tower defence skills.


There are five different types of dice in this game, each with a different colour. To make them more powerful, you’ll need to upgrade them. If you want to win this game, you’ll need to learn how to control your dice quickly.

As you defend your base from the powerful dice of the opponent, you’ll enjoy the cool effects. – in Random Dice. Except for the lack of the usual cool characters, this is just another tower defence game. Even so, this system makes it easy to see the strengths and weaknesses of each of your dice. This adds a whole new level of intrigue and fun to the experience.

In spite of the fact that Random Dice is a tower defence game, there is nothing quite like it. Players will be able to enjoy a completely new type of game thanks to the inclusion of dice. In this game, you can use emote to show your emotions, and there are a lot of new ways to win! Consider this game to be an improved version of Clash Royale.

Nice music – Random Dice’s unique gameplay necessitates an appropriate soundtrack. You can hear each and every shot fired by your dice, and it’s gratifying when the enemy dice are eliminated. Makes it even more exciting to play!

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