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Claude in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes draws back an arrow.

Even though Nintendo plans to release a lot more Switch titles in 2022, Fire Emblem has a lot to be excited about. This year’s hugely successful Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be revisited from a different perspective in Nintendo’s new Fire Emblem: Warriors: Three Hopes, a crossover with the Dynasty Warriors model. In comparison to its predecessor, which brought together characters from a variety of Fire Emblem titles, the new game appears to focus more on the Three Houses’ characters. Furthermore, a new Fire Emblem game is reportedly in development by Intelligent Systems, and might be released as early as this year. a new Fire Emblem game has been in development for roughly three years, according to Nintendo insider Emily Rodgers on Famiboards. Fire Emblem’s next entry may be delayed until next year, although it’s more likely to be released in late 2022. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems would be wise to create another Fire Emblem game this year, regardless of Rodgers’ speculation. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is sure to pique the interest of the franchise’s established fan base on the Nintendo Switch.

Like Age Of Calamity, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes should be given a DLC expansion.

We Can All Agree That A New Fire Emblem Will Arrive in 2022
Warriors of the Fire Emblem There are three hopeful figures together in the Age of Calamity.
The Fire Emblem series has done well on the Nintendo Switch. When Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released in 2019, it was a huge financial success. Fire Emblem hasn’t been as well-known outside of Japan as other Nintendo series, but in its initial year of release, Three Houses sold more than three million copies, making it the best-selling Fire Emblem game to date. As a result of Three Houses, the Fire Emblem series now has a far larger Switch user base to which a new Fire Emblem game could appeal.

As a result of the publication of Fire Emblem Warriors:

Three Hopes, the next core game can be released at the same time. Three Houses’ beloved characters will be reprised in Three Hopes, but the tactical RPG itch will not be satisfied. Both Nintendo and Intelligent Systems stand to gain by launching a new Fire Emblem game as a result of the renewed interest and increased demand generated by Three Hopes. Taking advantage of the popularity of Three Houses is one thing, but Three Hopes is the ideal method to ensure that the next Fire Emblem is a huge hit.

Here’s how the three houses in Fire Emblem Warriors connect to each other.

A new character from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and a Fire Emblem Warriors Pattern Byleth battle swords.
As Rodgers notes, Fire Emblem Warriors didn’t come out on its own. This indicates that a Warriors spin-off wouldn’t stand in the way of a main game’s debut: Intelligent Systems released Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valencia that same year. As a matter of fact, an improved version of Fire Emblem Warriors may cement the series’ status as an essential Switch franchise. Again, it’s not certain if Intelligent Systems is developing a new Fire Emblem game, much less if it will be released this year. Fire Emblem may have to wait for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonetta 3, and other late 2022 projects, according to Rodgers, who concedes that Nintendo has a busy 2022 so far. In any event, it would be good to release the next Fire Emblem game as soon as possible rather than wait. Now that Intelligent Systems’ Three Houses is out of the way, Switch owners can look forward to another tactical game from the studio, and Three Hopes will serve as a timely reminder. Hope Fire Emblem makes a move before the year is out.

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