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Leading cyber security expert Jamie Woodruff believes the Metaverse is a new way scammers can take advantage of the growing number of online gamers in the United Kingdom. 71 percent of gamers have been targeted or know someone who has been targeted by cyber criminals while gaming online, according to research from TalkTalk.

When it comes to internet safety, Woodruff claims that there is little regulation in the Metaverse. Oculus Rift headsets, which most gamers use to access the Metaverse, were connected to TalkTalk’s network on Christmas Day, placing it in the top five gaming gifts for the first time, according to TalkTalk network information.

Online scammers targeting Metaverse gamers

A whopping 29% of gamers have already played in the Metaverse, with a further 37% saying they intend to do so. It is easy for scammers to use fake identities or avatars to appear as other gamers, according to Woodruff, because of the lack of identification checks in the industry. They can impersonate someone a gamer knows and trusts to obtain personal information such as usernames and passwords by making up their age, location, and other details.

Bots should be avoided at all costs

According to a survey conducted by Woodruff, scammers are increasingly employing bots to steal from players, with 41 percent of gamers believing they have already encountered bots while playing. Players are being tricked into buying virtual currency in games like World of Warcraft by automated programmes known as “bots,” which are computer-created and computer-controlled programmes that mimic human behaviour. By tricking them into doing so, these bots can steal their personal and financial information.

When it comes to purchasing in-game currency, nearly half of gamers (46%) admitted to doing so – a huge “don’t do this” according to Woodruff, as it’s one of the simplest ways scammers can gain access to your bank accounts.

Players who play for long periods of time become vulnerable

According to Woodruff, the increasing length of gaming sessions is also opening the door for scammers. According to TalkTalk’s research, 42% of gamers play at least once a day, with the average gaming session lasting 4.3 hours per player. More than a third (32 percent) of gamers say they’re addicted after playing for more than 10 hours a day.

Spending long stretches of time in the driver’s seat can make it more difficult to identify malicious content. Gaming fatigue is a prime target for scammers, warns Woodruff. They’ll try to befriend players in chat rooms. Woodruff recommends taking breaks every hour because 42 percent of gamers say they are more likely to trust another gamer who has not yet triumphed.

It costs money to use careless passwords

Online gaming is no exception to the importance of strong passwords. Half of gamers (49%) admit to using a single password for all their gaming accounts and consoles, while 35 percent use the same password for all their gaming activities. Players should use a password manager to ensure that if one account or device is breached by scammers, other accounts and devices remain safe.

When gaming, scams are usually the last thing on people’s minds, but it’s important to keep your security in mind, especially when playing in immersive virtual worlds.” There are a number of things you can do to keep yourself safe while gaming, such as changing the security settings on new devices, taking a break when you’ve had a long session, and even choosing a broadband provider like TalkTalk that includes useful security features as standard.”

According to TalkTalk’s Head of Customer Security Mark Johnson:

“With internet usage at record levels and more gaming devices than ever before connected to the network, it’s never been more important to stay safe online. In order to protect our customers, we offer a wide range of security options, including award-winning SuperSafe device protection and a web filter that is included as a part of our HomeSafe web filtering service Our customers can enjoy their gaming sessions more and remember them fondly if they follow Jamie’s simple advice.

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