Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The Triangle Approach.

Many strategy RPG players are eagerly awaiting the release of Triangle Strategy. Producer Tomoya Asano, who previously worked on Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler, is in charge of the project’s development. The “HD-2D” visual style is used once again in the 2018 game, which will be familiar to fans of Triangle Strategy. However, the similarities end there. instead of a turn-based RPG, Triangle Strategy uses a combat system that is tactical and systematic on a grid. With its roots going back to the 1980s, strategy RPGs aren’t a new phenomenon. The game’s design continues to improve with each passing year. It’s very uncommon for developers from all over the world to put their own spin on an old mechanic, giving players a new experience with combat that moves much more slowly than they are used to. Preparation for Triangle Strategy could be enhanced by playing some of the best RPGs ever made, such as Final Fantasy XII and Chrono Trigger.


Epic narratives, colourful characters, and Active Time Battle (ATB) action are all hallmarks of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy 10 dropped the time mechanic in favour of more traditional turn-based gameplay, yet the technique still performed well. However, Square released Final Fantasy Tactics for the West in January 1998, which momentarily moved the focus of the series between Final Fantasy 7 and 8. However, while Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift’s Nintendo DS sequel passed by unnoticed, the PlayStation original remains one of PlayStation’s most adored RPGs.

  • However, in 2007 a PSP port of Final Fantasy Tactics was released dubbed War of the Lions, which included updated cutscenes as well as some new characters. Prior to Triangle Strategy’s debut, it’s a good idea to play Final Fantasy Tactics.

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