Fri. May 20th, 2022

A UkraineDAO-initiated generation has generated US$6,7 million or Rp95,81 million (at a rate of Rp14,300 to the US dollar). The results of the negotiations are being hailed as a key to ending the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine.

It was Pussy Riot, a punk rock band from Russia and an activist for women’s rights, who supported the UkraineDAO’s NFT auction. The sale was a huge success, with almost a third of the people who wanted to buy it showing up.

Musisi Rusia Beli NFT Bendera Ukraina

It’s been a few days since the Ukrainian government announced via Twitter that they had received a lot of money in the form of a cryptocurrency. Ukranian PM Mykhailo Fedorov also said that the use of bitcoin for border crossings is a sign that the country is about to leave Russia.

NFT or tokens that can’t be traded, allow buyers to prove ownership of a virtual asset, in this case a biru and kuning-colored version of the Ukrainian currency.

In accordance with the PartyBid platform for selling NFT, NFT is produced on the Ethereum blockchain in a permanent edition. Those who want to participate in the ownership of ether can do so together with others who contribute from 0.000001 ether (under $0,03) up to 44 ether ($128,000).

NFT bendera Ukraina’s 72-hour sale drew more than 3,200 buyers, with a price tag of more than $6,7 million at the time of the sale on Rabu (2/3/2022), according to a press release. Penyelenggara stated that all funds would be used for the “Come Back Alive” campaign to aid Ukraine’s defence.

Donors will receive tokens equal to the size of their contributions. Unlike sahm holders, NFT buyers can also give voice to the NFT transaction in the future, notwithstanding UkraineDAO’s request for NFT buyers to use it as a “humanitarian aid” in the world.

According to the UkraineDAO website, the anggotanya have been tasked with creating a unique piece of art and making the NFT a symbol for the people of Ukraine.

CNN International stated, “Daripada berfokus pada artis atau estetika tertentu,”

Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of Pussy Riot, a digital media studio, and the PleasrDAO blockchain consortium, said in a statement that Ukraine’s name “means we” in reference to the country.

“We’re still working on bringing our own supplies to this rally. Using this method, we’re able to express our artistic concepts in a more powerful way “In the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chief critic, Natalia Tolokonnikova.

When it comes to aesthetics, “everyone can have different ones, but this is not about colours that we like; this is about securing our lives,” says the narrator.

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