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In a metaverse this week, many people were unable to attend Samsung’s launch event for its new Galaxy smartphones because of technical difficulties. In a virtual world where users can create, explore, and trade in cryptocurrencies, the South Korean tech giant held an event on Decentraland Wednesday.

A desktop browser is used to access Decentraland, one of a number of metaverse projects. Non-gamers must use a mouse and keyboard to navigate the blockchain-powered virtual world they’ve created as their avatar, which isn’t particularly intuitive.

In the “Ready Player One” novel and film, the metaverse is depicted as a virtual world that allows players to live, work, and play in a virtual world similar to the one depicted in the novel and film. The metaverse can be a utopian dream or a dystopian nightmare, depending on your perspective.

Samsung Held Event In Metaverse

On the Decentraland platform, Samsung 837X, the company’s virtual version of its flagship New York experience centre, hosted the event. On Wednesday, there was an event in the building’s “Connectivity Theatre” where Samsung 837X was present.

Many of us at CNBC and elsewhere had difficulty locating the 837X building, and even after we did, many of us were unable to enter it. Visitors and the Decentraland community have given us a highly positive response, Samsung said in an email to CNBC, seeing it as a fresh spin on an entirely digital world.

For those who couldn’t attend, Decentraland’s “technical issue” in one of its realms was to blame. We notified the community via Twitter as soon as we became aware of the problem, and we redirected our visitors to a new entry.”

Decentraland is having issues

As soon as a new Decentraland avatar is created, it lands in an atrium with clouds swishing across the floor. The centre of the round pool has a frightening vortex.

It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by about 20 other avatars. “Help” and “I hate this game” were common cries heard from the bottom left corner of the screen. In the words of claireinnit#87fa, “we’re in the ——in future” is no small claim.

In contrast to the intimidating pool, three large boards read “classics, events and crowd.” Samsung 837X is advertised on the “crowd” board. The “jump in” option appears after you’ve clicked on the button.

Once you’ve jumped out, you’ll be transported to Decentraland, where you’ll be able to see the 837X building. Across the street, there’s a pizza joint, but not much else.

The 837X building’s main entrance had a long line of people waiting to get in. People were squeezing in and out of the building. Some people were using their avatars to jump on other people’s heads as they tried to get to the front of the queue, but it didn’t help them. ‘ As usual, the chatbox was overflowing with cries for assistance when the doors refused to open.

A YouTuber was said to have found a way in, while a CNET journalist claimed on Twitter that they were able to get in by using the “ATHENA” server as a proxy. It wasn’t immediately clear how to accomplish this.

CNET’s Russell Holly reported that “many people were unable to actually enter Samsung 837X before the event started.” Holly.

I and dozens of my fellow metazens were changing servers at the beginning of this event, while everyone else was watching a strange crossover with the popular television series Bridgerton.” In order to find the room where the announcement event was being streamed, it was necessary to find a server with open doors.”

Following an unsuccessful 30-minute search for the building, CNBC decided to return to Earth and resume its coverage of the real world.

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