Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Ahead of the Samsung 9th February event, we’ve got a few more interesting tidbits. The final seconds are ticking away until the big day. Samsung is launching its new devices not only virtually, but also in the metaverse, in a matter of hours. This metaverse event has yet to be proven to be beneficial to Samsung or the viewers. In a statement, Samsung stated that viewers should go to the ‘Samsung 837X‘ to participate in the metaverse event. The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab 8 series will be introduced in a virtual event.

On the official website, as well as via YouTube, their Facebook and Twitter, the virtual event will be broadcast. The event will also be streamed on Amazon Live, Twitch, Reddit, and TikTok, among other platforms.

Samsung Launch Virtual Devices Via Metaverse

In order to fully enjoy and benefit from the Metaverse launch, viewers will have to link their MetaMask wallet, according to the Korean firm. If you are a guest, you will have a more limited experience than a registered user. It has been raised as to what the Samsung 837X is all about. In Decentraland, viewers will be able to watch the entire event in 2D, which is a virtual pace. They’ll be able to roam around Decentraland and get a taste of what it’s like to live in New York City. They will be able to collect NFT and participate in various quests.

We’ve heard a lot of rumours and leaks about what will be on display at the event. The Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22 Plus, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra are all expected to be unveiled at the event, as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup, which includes the Galaxy Tab S8 and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.
We’ll find out what Samsung has in store for us in just a few hours, so until then, we’ll just have to wait.

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