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People have fallen in love with the challenging yet rewarding game Sifu since its release. Other players have made mods that let to take control of Shaggy and Daredevil, while others have completed Sifu without getting hit. As a result, while many have found the game’s unusual melee combat to be enjoyable, others have had a difficult time connecting with it. The second stage of Sifu is extremely challenging, and it acts as a barrier for players who have not yet mastered the game’s combat. Those who wish to rapidly take down foes to get to the game’s storey are out of luck, and this has caused some criticism around the independent release. A solid argument may be made for accessibility and the difficulty of the game, yet many who have conquered Sifu are outraged that an easy option has been implemented. In order to keep everyone happy, Sloclap must find a means to satisfy both sides of its player base.

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Because so few players have made it through the second stage, and even fewer have finished the game, the trophy data from Sifu has revealed just how difficult it is. However, it also illustrates that the game’s difficulty is a beneficial thing. If you’ve beaten Sifu on the easy setting and earned all of the Trophies, you’re probably feeling pretty good about yourself. That is why it would be a mistake to remove it. For gamers who beat Sifu at the ripe old age of 25, unlocking the PlayStation Trophy shows that they have thoroughly mastered the game. When Trophies are unlocked in an easy difficulty, the sense of accomplishment may swiftly disappear. With no easy way to prove which difficulty they unlocked their Trophies on, the 25-year-old Trophy, along with the rest of the game’s Trophies, will gradually become less common. The discussion over FromSoftware’s difficulty settings is a continual reminder of the importance of gaming accessibility. Sifu players must understand that a new level of difficulty is on the way, despite the compelling arguments on both sides. Even if it’s for the best, Sloclap has revealed that more difficult and softer settings are on the way. Trophies can, however, still be limited to the default and harder Sifu difficulty levels by the game’s developer.

Sifu’s stages can now be enjoyed by players of all skill levels:

regardless of their desire to advance farther in the game. However, more experienced players will be able to use Trophies to demonstrate that they have completed the game in its entirety. Sifu’s difficulty is one of its unique selling points, therefore removing it will annoy a large number of players. While Trophies could be disabled on simple mode, this would be a good compromise.  To see Sifu’s Platinum Trophy lose its worth and for players to have a quicker route to Platinum would be a shame.. Trophy unlocking in easy mode is simply unfair to those who spend hours working for the game’s Age 25 Trophy. Sifu’s easy mode should not detract from the challenge of achieving Platinum in a game when easy Trophy games are becoming more common.


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