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Replicas of Staffs of Destruction and Dragon Priest masks made by a woodworker who is a Skyrim fan have been shared online.


Skyrim was released by Bethesda in 2011 and has since been re-released on a variety of platforms, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Mods, fan art, cosplay, and even life-sized replicas of in-game items like the Staff of Destruction and the Dragon Priest mask have become popular among Skyrim players over time. Skyrim is the subject of a recent wood-crafting project by Reddit user T Sekuloski, who is known for making things from a wide variety of gaming franchises. Two Staffs of Destruction sit between a Dragon Priest mask and the woodcarver’s other two creations in a recent Instagram post. Both Staffs of Destruction appear identical, and all three items have been polished to a shine that allows them to be seen from a distance.

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Sekuloski has recreated a number of Skyrim items, and fans of the Elder scrolls will have to traverse the frozen landscape of Skyrim in order to find them. There are nine Dragon Priest masks that can only be looted from defeated Dragon Priests, which are powerful undead mages. Finding the right mask may be a challenge. Skyrim players can defeat Volsung in the ruins of Volskygge in the northwest of Skyrim and obtain T Sekuloski’s Volsung mask. The Staff of Destruction is less likely to be found through looting enemies than the Dragon Priest masks. The Mage College of Winterhold sells some of the most popular Skyrim staffs, including T Sekuloski’s recreation of the Destruction Staff. A powerful Destruction spell is usually imbued into this staff, which is useful for levelling up Destruction magic.

From The Mask to Avatar:

The Last Airbender and Bleach, T Sekuloski has made masks for a variety of other popular franchises. When T Sekuloski creates a piece of art, he often posts images of the progress of the piece as it moves from a simple wooden outline to a more detailed replica as he chisels away at it. T Sekuloski demonstrates how to carve wood in a variety of ways on his YouTube channel, where his many fans and would-be carvers can watch and learn.

T Sekuloski frequently teases his followers with hints as to what he plans to carve next:

But he has yet to confirm any specific plans. The Keaton mask from The Legend of Zelda series, which T Sekuloski has previously worked on, is the most recent work in progress he’s shared. It is common for woodworker to wear his masks in various photos, while he has previously held the Skyrim Staff of Destruction to demonstrate that his projects are made to scale.

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