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A video is flowing implying to flaunt a datamined secret seventh consummation of Elden Ring that hasn’t been seen previously – yet however cool as the video may be, it’s unfortunately phony.

Spoilers for the completion of Elden Ring follow – read despite copious advice to the contrary!

The video, posted by Elden Ring YouTuber Garden of Eyes advantageously around April Fool’s Day, flaunts the alleged “Mature Absolute” finishing. The primary portion of the video is equivalent to different endings, where the Tarnished reestablishes Marika’s cut off head to her body. The distinctions start as a five-fingered hand starts to show up behind the scenes behind them as they do.

The scene then slices to the royal chamber displayed in different endings

however rather than the Tarnished sitting on the Elden Throne, the five-fingered hand is available, with the Tarnished seeming to adore it. The voice-over that plays is likewise equivalent to different endings, with the exception of the last line: “The Age Absolute.”

There really is some point of reference for individuals having confidence in an “Progress in years Absolute” covered up finishing. As Elden Ring dataminer ZullietheWitch tells IGN, among different records for finishing captions is a caption for “The Age Absolute,” quickly following “The Age of Order” – which is one of the endings you can get past typical ongoing interaction. Nonetheless, Zullie accepts this is a substitute perusing of a similar line, as opposed to a different completion. In addition to the fact that there are no text prompts or cutscene documents for it in the game’s records, however other closure captions obviously have comparable substitute text forms that aren’t utilized, so there’s point of reference.

  • According to moreover, Zullie, the “Usher the Age Absolute” brief displayed in the video Garden posted doesn’t really exist in the game’s records.

So how did this cutscene get assembled then, at that point?

Garden didn’t answer our solicitation for input on schedule, yet from Zullie’s experience data and conversation in Garden’s people group Discord it’s not too difficult to even think about sorting out. The principal half of the closure, with Marika, is actually equivalent to different endings.

The monster, five-fingered hand doesn’t show up anyplace in Elden Ring, sure:

however it appears to simply be a combination of the models for the Two Fingers and the Three Fingers, the two characters you can meet at various places in the real game. The last shot of the Tarnished venerating the five-fingered hand could undoubtedly be a shot taken with a free camera of the Tarnished doing the Rapture motion.

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