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All of Soul Hackers 2’s supporting characters, including Ringo

The success of Atlus is based on a complex web of interdependent franchises. In spite of Persona’s prominence, Shin Megami Tensei has spawned a slew of other series that are presently dormant as Atlus concentrates on other projects. Even though Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers was a spin-off of the original, no one expected Atlus to announce a follow-up. Thus, Atlus’ teaser for a new Soul Hackers-related project, which later confirmed that a sequel is in development and will be released in around six months, came as a surprise.

The news of Soul Hackers 2 is shocking, given that Devil Summoner:

Soul Hackers will celebrate its 25th anniversary at the end of 2022. This is not a contemporary Megami Tensei game, despite the fact that it was released on the 3DS in 2013. Soul Hackers’ revival hints Atlus may be interested in revisiting any of its other dormant Megami Tensei games, because Persona’s fandom has grown dramatically. However, it’s possible that Soul Hackers 2 is the first in a succession of revivals for the franchise.

A Persona 5 MMORPG Could Be Created by Atlus in the Future

SMT Devil Survivor 2 Animation Promo for Dormant Megami Tensei Franchises
Some of the Megami Tensei games warrant a revival more than others, but there are a few that stand out. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivors, for example, had a brief run on Nintendo DS and 3DS before being cancelled. Devil Survivor is a grid-based tactical RPG, in contrast to the turn-based games of the main Shin Megami Tensei series. Players take control of a variety of human and demonic forces to complete a variety of missions. This game, like Soul Hackers, has a distinctive tactical character that justifies its rebirth in the same manner. The Devil Children series from the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance era could also be revisited by Atlus. With a more lighthearted approach to Megami Tensei’s model, the Devil Children franchise was born. Devil Children’s demons, on the other hand, were often a lot cuter than those in Megami Tensei. There is a distinct Pokemon feel to the games when they are published in pairs. Atlus should consider giving Devil Children a second opportunity in light of the popularity of Pokemon and its many imitators.

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