Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

Lisa Costa, the Space Force’s chief technology and innovation officer, said the service should take advantage of industry investments in immersive digital technology to create a virtual environment for guardians.

Costa said at the AFCEA Space Force IT conference on Feb. that “we could create our own version of the metaverse.”

The term “metaverse” is gaining traction in the tech world as a way to describe a 3D virtual environment that is interactive. “The term’metaverse’ has a lot of hype attached to it,” she said. Because “a lot of money is going into this idea,” the Space Force should investigate ways to take advantage of this investment.

Cooperatively training and conducting any number of activities is possible in a military metaverse. Of the 86 percent who identify as gamers between the ages of 18 and 34 in the United States, she stated.

“How can we utilise these abilities?”

These companies are jumping on the bandwagon and developing digital twins that can accurately simulate natural environments or industrial processes.

The Space Force is particularly interested in a metaverse because guardians typically use digital representations of the space domain to carry out their duties. Soldiers and sailors go to sea to learn naval warfare, while guardians must first become NASA astronauts before they can go to space.

For them, a visual display of data is the only way to understand their operational domain. “Situational awareness and understanding of their options so they can make decisions” would be provided by a virtual reality setting.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two of the technologies that make up the metaverse, which combines the digital and physical worlds. Satellites could be digitally redesigned and new capabilities for space operations could be developed, according to Costa. According to her, “and where we want to go next” is “and that’s kind of the vision”. Making the most of industry’s investments in training our stewards and preparing them for future challenges

With its small size, the Space Force has a unique opportunity to test out this technology and see if it can be used across the US military.

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