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A lexicon that is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives and consuming an increasing amount of media space. It can be hard to tell what makes a particular digital asset project unique or useful in the midst of a flurry of projects that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.

Particularly for those interested in gaming and augmented reality, high-level sports have emerged as a popular hangout for blockchain-based token project holders. While it is true that many (if not the majority) of investors are only interested in NFTs to participate in financial speculation opportunities, this does not take away from the pleasure of being able to appropriate a unique item and make use of it or not among the range of opportunities offered to fans of technological experiences, sports enthusiasts, or collectors.

Become a Discord subscriber to win prizes rom the NFT Meta Drivers

Our attention will naturally be drawn to Meta Drivers, which emerges from the ground this week after a lengthy development process, due to the game’s focus on racing, along with a variety of other features, such as a chance to win interesting prizes.

Meta Drivers presents itself as an initial collection of 6666 NFTs depicting 3D racing drivers as F1 and the teams dive headlong into this new world. As each piece is unique, it will be a valuable collectible as well as a key to participating in Metaverse (virtual reality) games and events. If you’re a fan of motorsports, you’ll be eager to take part in this competition. These prizes include Playseat simracing kits, VIP tickets to major racing events worth nearly $2,000 each, and a variety of other surprises for the Meta Drivers community members who participate in the competition.

If you don’t have an NFT, you can still win prizes.

This company’s products aren’t just aimed at collectors. Detailed information about the project can be found on the dedicated Discord channel. Users who subscribe to it are automatically entered into a number of free, no-strings-attached competitions until February 27. It’s time for you to get involved!

Creating and maintaining an active community of motor sports fans is essential to bringing the Metaverse to life, and NFT owners will be encouraged to “hod” [keep] their investments rather than over-speculate on them, thanks in part to the potential gains from prizes and actions organised by the pr. The developers’ goal is to create and maintain an active community of motor sports fans.

With Meta Drivers, you can win prizes

Meta Drivers, which is based on the Ethereum protocol, is now moving into the real world with its playful ambition and the organisation of physical events. Road safety charities and young racing drivers are two of the causes that the project aims to raise money for, and it will allow users to participate in both.

You can keep up with the release of the NFT Meta Drivers collection by subscribing to their Discord channel. Exclusive images, regular product information, physical and virtual events, and a community animated by interviews with motorsports personalities are all part of what you’ll discover here.

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