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The Artist’s Bio:

Currently on display at Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Los Angeles, Orly Maiberg, a Tel Aviv-based artist born in 1958, has spent her career exploring the tensions and dwarfed by sublime and tumultuous surroundings. The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Israel Museum, and the Haifa Museum of Art have all exhibited Maiberg’s work.

Maiberg began painting on raw canvas in 2015:

after a long career painting in the realism tradition. Because of the increase in the availability of free welding materials, Maiberg was inspired to alter her artistic approach to representation. Small, isolated figures move precariously through disorienting abstract landscapes without discernible horizon lines in her current works, which viewers must seek out. Another depicts a figure diving into a sea of purple and blue splashes as a tightrope walker struggles to maintain his balance. In these ambiguous, suspenseful scenes, the viewer’s attention is drawn back and forth.

When the canvas came loose from its frame, my approach to painting changed.

There were no preconceived ideas about how to move around in the studio; everything was done intuitively and naturally. Abstraction was born as a result of introducing randomness into the painting process by using diluted ink paint. At this point in my artistic journey, I feel I am being challenged by abstraction while figuration is a crucial part of my work. “The painted space is bound by somewhat vague rules,” the fragile human figures declare… All of the pieces on display here were completed within the past year. Some of these paintings were created in my Jaffa studio, which was in a state of lockdown and restraint at the time. The limbo in which I found myself, along with many others, forced me to reassess and reevaluate my own beliefs. In my canvases, flying, falling, or suspended figures, freed or trapped in an illusionary, infinite world, emerged.”

Maintaining a delicate balance (2018) Inquire for Additional Details.

To keep things in balance: Orly Maiberg (2018). Shoshana Wayne Gallery is the source of this image. Orly Maiberg, The Art of Keeping It Together (2018). Shoshana Wayne Gallery provided the images. Why not join the art world’s elite You’ll get the latest headlines, insightful interviews, and incisive criticism from our newsletter if you sign up.

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