Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

This week Zynga revealed new characters and maps for the upcoming game, Star Wars:

Hunters, which will be released in December. Skora and Sprocket, two previously unknown Hunters, have been revealed. Skora can heal her allies with a dart gun, while Sprocket controls the battlefield with droids.

Hunters gets new maps and characters

Sling Shot is joined by Skora and Sprocket in a nine-strong cast of characters that includes Sentinel, Grozz, Imara Vex, Aran Tal, J-3DI, Utooni, and Sprocket.

The Great Hunt and Dusty Ridge, two new Endor and Tatooine-based maps, are also in the works. Huttball, Zynga’s new game mode, has also been revealed, along with new Hunters and a new map.

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