Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

An image of the street fighting 6 character

Capcom’s Street Fighter series has been around for six years, so it’s safe to say that fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up. Capcom has finally unveiled Street Fighter 6, after years of speculation, with a new art style and the return of Ryu, the series’ original mascot. Capcom also unveiled the Street Fighter 6 logo in the clip, but the design has received a lot of flak for it. The Street Fighter 6 logo has been criticised by several fans as being sloppy. Now we know that the logo is nearly identical to some stock graphics provided by Adobe. Aurich pointed out on Twitter that Adobe stock art for a “SF” letter logo design is available for $80 on the market. In theory, Capcom could have just taken this logo and tweaked it slightly, adding more curves to the letters and spray-painting a “6” in the corner.

The Street Fighter 6 reveal was delayed by fighting game legend Daigo.

For some Street Fighter fans, the discovery confirms their suspicions that Capcom skimped on the design of the Street Fighter 6 logo. It’s possible that Capcom will alter the Street Fighter 6 logo in response to the reaction, but this is far from a given for the time being. It’s possible that this is another another instance in which Capcom has been accused of ripping off original artwork. However, Capcom has been accused of plagiarism in the past and even sued for using an Adobe stock image when designing the Street Fighter 6 logo. It’s also worth noting that Capcom recently settled a Resident Evil lawsuit out of court in which it was accused of taking professional photographs for use in Resident Evil 4.

In Resident Evil Village.

Capcom has also been accused of stealing a boss fight from an indie horror film. It has been claimed by director Richard Raaphorst that the Resident Evil Village boss Sturm is based on a monster from his 2013 film Frankenstein’s Army. Capcom, on the other hand, has made no public acknowledgement of the allegations. Capcom has a second chance to make a good first impression with Street Fighter 6, as there has been very little shown of the game so far. Perhaps Capcom will change their logo in the future so that it doesn’t appear so much like this Adobe stock image, or it may continue with its unpopular pick. Whatever the case may be, Street Fighter 6 players will have to wait for more information.

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