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Mobile gaming was not the first to feature racing games. Games like the Need for Speed series, which has produced numerous sequels, are popular with gamers. And they’re not just dominating on the PC; they’re dominating on mobile as well. Racing games have been flying under the radar for some time now, but there are some other options out there.


Ivy’s Street Racing HD is one such example. More than 1 million people have downloaded this racing game from the Google Play Store! So, what’s so special about this game? The game does nothing in particular, but it does it all exceptionally well. This game will provide you with an exhilarating and challenging racing experience. Continue reading for more information!

Street Racing HD: What is it?

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; racing games are always in demand. In mobile gaming, they’re one of the most sought-after genres. That’s why there are so many racing-themed mobile games out there, and there will be many more in the future.


Street Racing HD, on the other hand, is the subject of this article. If you’ve ever wanted a racing game to be anything, this is the one for you. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a must-have for any fan of the series. Street Racing HD adds a few features that aren’t available in other racing games. There’s a ranking system for drivers in this section. At rank D, you begin at the bottom. In the same way, your rank rises as you win more races. You’ll also be able to unlock and upgrade faster and more powerful automobiles. Do you have what it takes for an exhilarating racing experience?

Street Racing HD has a Lot of Cool Features

New and old elements are brought to the table in Street Racing HD. Features that you’d expect in a popular racing game are included. This is what you’ll get:

Street Racing HD is all about the stunning automobiles you’ll see on the track. There are over 30 amazing vehicles that you can purchase in this game! As you progress through the game and win more matches, you’ll be able to upgrade your car to keep up with the others. The paint job, tail, and licence plate can all be changed as well. Owning a car is a great way to show off your individuality on the road.


Competitions are what make a racing game truly great. Race against the best drivers in the world one-on-one in Street Racing HD. Traditional game modes, on the other hand, pit players against AIs in a race to complete the challenges. Street Racing HD has a lot to keep you busy, so you’ll never run out of things to do. In addition, there’s an asynchronous game where you’ll chase the opponent’s ghost car in order to try to win over it.

Street Racing HD’s gameplay is based on the Need for Speed series, as was mentioned earlier. It has a nitro system and is very realistic. Drifting in this game can also speed up your time. Everything in the game is designed to make you happy.


In terms of graphics, Street Racing HD does not disappoint. You’d better take them at their word that this game is high definition, as the title makes it abundantly clear. The cars, in particular, are rendered in stunning high-definition 3D.

In Street Racing HD, you have the option of customising your control scheme, just like in any other racing game. There are two ways to move sideways: tilting the screen or tapping the left and right buttons on the controller.

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