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It’s fitting that The Last of Us Part II is taking so long to come out because the first part tugged so hard on our hearts, and we can’t wait to see what happens next. The storey and characters were so morally ambiguous that you could argue that the protagonists were actually bad guys.

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Joel was the most enigmatic of these shady characters, having committed numerous atrocities for which he never expressed remorse. Because of these 10 points, Joel may as well have been the true villain of the series in The Last of Us Part II. Ellie will be the protagonist.

Expelled his brother from the house

The reason for Tommy and Joel’s permanent split is still a mystery, but after their last meeting in years, Tommy declared that he never wanted to see Joel again. Joel saw this as more of a favour than looking out for his brother because of the horrific things he had to do with him in order to survive. After they parted ways, Joel knew Tommy could have died out there, but he seemed unconcerned about the fate of his own brother.

Ellie’s death was acceptable to him.

  • In the first place, Joel tolerated Ellie only because of Tess’s presence. As a result of their separation, Joel made it clear to Tess that she didn’t mean a thing to him, and he had to look after Ellie alone.

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Joel was willing to leave Ellie if it meant standing up for her otherwise when things got hairy. Despite the fact that he had no obligation to her, it was still a child. If Ellie had not been immune at the time, he would have died in the spot where he took her, and he didn’t believe she was.

Denying Ellie the opportunity to heal from her loss

  • When it comes to potentially life-or-death situations, a father figure must be able to put the child at ease. Rather than focusing on Ellie’s mental health, Joel treated the ordeal with her as a sort of job.

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At the end of the game, Ellie’s depression wasn’t caused by her disappointment that nothing came of their journey, but rather by Joel’s refusal to allow her to grieve. Joel, for example, ordered her to ignore the deaths of Tess and Sam and pretend they never happened. If we’re being honest, we’d say that’s a pretty extreme case of mental abuse.

His Criminal Past

Joel had an unusually high level of fighting skill for someone his age, which he explained later in the game by revealing that he was once a hunter. Before killing and stealing from the victims, these people set traps. To the question of whether he had killed innocent people, Joel gave a non-committal response, but his guilt was obvious. The game portrayed Joel as a survivor, but in reality, he was no better than the dozens of men who had attempted to kill him and Ellie throughout the course of the game’s narrative.

Decapitation Of Healthcare Personnel

Joel rushed to save Ellie from being killed during a procedure that would have extracted the cure for the zombie outbreak from her. Joel had already killed more than a dozen men before he entered the operating room, but you could argue that they were attempting to kill him first.

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Doctors’ blood, on the other hand, is all over Joel’s hands. A pathetic attempt was made by the head surgeon to hold Joel back with the use of a knife when Joel walked into the room. Joel stabbed him in the neck violently, and most likely slaughtered the other doctors as well, instead of just subduing him.

Obsessing over one’s own interests

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  • Joel’s decision to save Ellie may have appeared to be motivated by a father’s love, but that is not the case. Like everyone else in Joel’s zombie-infested world, the truth is that Joel is an egocentric jerk.

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In the beginning, he didn’t care if Ellie died, but as his love for her grew, he was willing to risk his own life to save hers. In essence, he was protecting Ellie because he didn’t want to be by himself. Joel, on the other hand, only ever did good deeds for others when doing so benefited him personally.

Intentionally Risking His Brother’s Life

Joel dumped Ellie with Tommy after realising he was starting to think of her as his own daughter. For the sake of not having to leave her with the Fireflies and avoiding heartbreak, he made the decision to do this rather than risk losing Tommy. In the eyes of Tommy’s wife, Joel had no choice but to make her a widow, which he couldn’t deny. Tommy may have been responsible for Joel and Ellie’s ambush later on. For the second time, Joel was basically abandoning his own brother to his own death.

Cold-blooded murder of Marlene

  • The only choice Marlene had was to have Ellie killed, but she went out of her way to save Joel. It happened more than once, and she could have easily killed him each time she tried.

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Joel, on the other hand, showed her no such consideration. He shot Marlene as soon as he saw her in his path, even though he could have let her live at that point. Joel, on the other hand, shot Marlene in the head to close the loophole. Because Marlene wasn’t inherently evil, this was just a cold-blooded killing.

Lying to Ellie.

  • In the final moments of The Last of Us, Ellie begged Joel to tell her that he had not fabricated the storey of the Fireflies letting them go, and he did so.

In spite of the fact that he knew that if Ellie ever learned the truth from someone else, Joel looked into her eyes and swore that he was telling the truth. His lies weren’t for her protection, they were for the sake of protecting himself from losing the girl he’d taken in as his own child.

Apocalyptic Predictions

All of the tragedy and blood that will be shed in The Last of Us Part II could have been avoided if Joel had left Ellie. There is no doubt in our minds that Ellie would have chosen death over remaining alive and helping humanity reclaim the world from the zombies if she had the option. Sadly, that option was eliminated when Joel shot and killed everyone who had the cure. However, we have no way of knowing whether or not he will be present in the sequel because he had already sealed humanity’s fate.

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