Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

A fellow bitcoin maximalist Peter McCormack hosted a podcast where American HODL claimed that the whole thing was a hoax, and branded those who disagreed as ‘idiots.’

“Both Junseth and I have been discussing the fact that the metaverse does not exist in its purest form. “It’s fake, it’s not even real,” American HODL declared.

Clubhouse over the last few months, I’ve been talking to idiots who have told me that basically the metaverse is a reality.” There were times when I was told that the metaverse was real and that we were actually in the metaverse.” What the fuck does that mean?” is what I’d ask in response. My friends and I are listening to an audio app on the clubhouse in the metaverse.

Metaverse Crypto Personalities

A metaverse may not be proven by using the Clubhouse audio social media app, but it may be possible to find evidence of a metaverse outside of those audio bubbles.

A lot of resources, including money and time, are being devoted to making virtual reality a reality. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the prominent proponents of this technology. As soon as Facebook changed its name from Meta to Meta in October of last year, Zuckerberg spent $60 million to ensure that his company retained exclusive rights to the name. To spend so much money on a “fake” product’s name is ridiculous.

It’s not just Zuckerberg’s Meta that’s getting attention. In addition to Nvidia and Decentraland and Sandbox, other well-known crypto projects are also working on the metaverse.

Some Critical NFT Confusion

In contrast to Junseth and American HODL, who both dismissed the metaverse as nonsense, American HODL was less willing to rule out the possibility that we are all trapped in a computer simulation similar to Neo in The Matrix.

American HODL estimates that the chances of this happening are around 20%. Junseth, a fellow guest, expressed scepticism. Junseth said, “I haven’t really given it much thought.” Atheists can say they believe in god using the simulation theory, he said.

For this reason McCormack attempted to re-direct discussion back toward what his fellow bitcoin maximalists believed and whether or not the metaverse could exist at some point in the future. “I’m bullish on the idea of VR, AR, XR, mixed reality or whatever you want to call it,” American HODL said. This has been a long-held belief of mine, and I still believe it’s a good one. Humans, I believe, have a built-in desire to live in alternate realities, whether they be expanded versions of their current reality or hybridised versions of it.

That version of the metaverse, which is being sold now, claims that we’re all in an NFT universe and that I bought this Bored Ape that is on my T-shirt, and we’re going to a marshmallow concert in Fortnite, and that’s the version of the metaverse [proponents] are aligned with – that version of the metaverse is vaporware and it’s bullshit.”

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