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In a world where virtual and real worlds collide, the way we design and appreciate products will forever change.

The metaverse is easy to dismiss as a fad that will fade away in a few years. A company such as Facebook, which has formally adopted it as its new prime directive, has many reasons to be concerned. However, the metaverse, or at least the technologies that power the metaverse, will eventually be our future. This new version of our reality will have an impact on everyday life as well as geek culture, and it’s already causing a shift in the design industry.

Keiichi Matsuda is the designer.

The Madness of Metaverse

For the love of God, what exactly is this “metaverse?” As with the term “the cloud,” the meaning of this term may have become muddled as a result of its widespread use in the media and by major tech companies. Additionally, it’s impossible to discuss the metaverse without mentioning a variety of “extended realities” (XR).

Virtual reality, or VR, is likely to be the most familiar to the general public because it has been the most accessible to everyone. As images and videos are overlayed in the virtual reality world, there is little or no connection to reality. Virtual reality or VR places digital objects in the real world, primarily for informational purposes or for the placement of stickers. Finally, “mixed reality” or MR, which truly melds the physical and digital worlds, allowing objects in one world to influence those in the other.

Microsoft is the Designer

The metaverse is an amalgamation of these technologies, particularly VR and MR, with the added benefit of social interaction. ” The metaverse creates a social space where people can share the same experiences as others in the same virtual space, whether that interaction takes place in a completely virtual world or against the backdrop of real-world locations. Design will be influenced by this blurring of real and digital boundaries in the years to come.

Designing Products for a Blended World

The goal of product design has always been to create useful products, not just pretty ones that solve the wrong problems. The metaverse, on the other hand, rewrites the rules of what people value, and that will revolutionise product design. In some ways, it improves on long-established processes and speeds up iterations, but it also presents risks that could have a more indirect impact on people’s lives.

There will be no more limitations on the products that can be created in the metaverse. Virtual reality headsets and glasses can be used to change the design of a shoe or even an automobile. Many companies are already laying the groundwork for their metaverse products, and we can see a shift in this direction with BMW’s latest concept car. It’s worth noting that Nike has recently acquired an outfit that specialises in creating metaverse-specific virtual sneakers. The metaverse has the potential to make products more environmentally friendly by eliminating the need for new manufacturing processes and materials, which would otherwise result in an increase in waste.


Metaverse-centric products, on the other hand, can reduce their intrinsic value, or at least the value we place on actual physical objects that actually accomplish something in the real world. There are metaverse shoes that look fantastic in mixed reality, but may not perform as well as specially-designed running or basketball shoes. We still value things that we can touch and feel, things that tickle our senses beyond sight and sound, things that these digital realities can’t fully replicate yet as human beings with bodies and minds.

Proxy User Experience

It’s possible that the metaverse will alter our perceptions of the physical world, affecting everything from how products are designed to how users interact with them. “Metamobility,” for example, was proposed by Hyundai, where Boston Dynamics’ Spot dog could represent you on Mars. In order to do so, new products must be developed that allow you to feel the same sensations as if you were actually there.

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