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  • In a deal that could have significant ramifications for the video game industry’s technology, Sega and Microsoft have just agreed to collaborate on a new project.

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When it comes to influencing the video game industry, the names Sega and Microsoft stand out. Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega Genesis helped establish Sega as a major player in the video game industry, and the company has since gone on to produce a slew of memorable titles and consoles, including Yakuza, Bayonetta, Persona, and many more. With Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console and various game development companies working under the Xbox Game Studios banner, it has become an industry mainstay. A new collaboration between these two companies is now taking place, which could have a profound impact on all aspects of the game industry.

This partnership between Sega and Microsoft is focused on the exploration of cloud gaming.

The Sega-Microsoft deal could be a significant step forward in cloud gaming, despite the fact that cloud gaming has been around for a long time. As far as cloud gaming goes, Sega appears to see it as a viable platform for future products, as well as a rich source of inspiration for future game design. A lot of interesting things could come out of the Microsoft-Sega partnership despite the fact that the results may not be known for years.

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Sega and Microsoft Logo with Xbox Series X Logos are the core elements of the Microsoft and Sega Partnership. Sega’s website has a brief statement about the origins of the partnership and the reasons behind Sega’s decision to do so. Internally known as “Super Game,” Sega’s interest in cloud gaming appears to stem from the company’s desire to make innovative new games using new technology. However, there isn’t much clarity on what kinds of games Sega wants to make as part of its Super Game initiative, but they clearly want something that surprises fans and pushes the boundaries of cloud technology.

In addition to its Super Game initiative:

Sega cites Microsoft’s advancement of technology as a reason for collaborating. It claims that cloud gaming is now more viable than ever, especially in a digitally interconnected video game industry, thanks to the growing use of cloud technology and the introduction of broadband 5G technology. Sega’s use of the word “5G” indicates that the company is considering both mobile and cloud gaming, which could open up a new range of possibilities for Super Game. Sega will, of course, require Microsoft’s cloud service expertise in order to move forward with these plans.

Microsoft Azure:

The company’s cloud computing service, has been in operation since 2008. Cloud storage and information transfer to AI machine learning to blockchain functionality are just some examples of Azure’s many services. In essence, Azure is a hosting and software infrastructure service for Microsoft’s customers. Microsoft appears to be the ideal partner for Sega’s foray into cloud technology, providing all the knowledge and technology it could ask for between Azure’s many tools and Microsoft’s own experience working on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

When combined, what might Sega and Microsoft create together?

xbox-live-ui-microsoft-two-hat Of course, the biggest question now that Sega and Microsoft have struck a deal is what they plan to create together. The best hints can be found in the keywords associated with the Super Game initiative. Global, Online, Community, and IP Utilization are supposedly the driving concepts behind the initiative’s launch. For cloud gaming, Sega appears to be leaning toward experimenting with existing franchises rather than creating entirely new ones. Sega’s MMOs and single-player games with massive social networks are all possibilities, as long as there are digital community aspects that unite Sega fans around the world, according to the other statements.

The announcement from Microsoft and Sega was accompanied by a few quotes from high-ranking executives at each company.

Japanese gaming giant Sega has signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft, which CEO Yukio Sugino sees as a way for the company to get a foothold into next-generation gaming. Sega’s goal, according to Sugino, is to create content that Sega fans all over the world can enjoy, underscoring the project’s global scope. In spite of cloud gaming’s potential flaws, Sega appears to be making cloud gaming work in every market.

Sarah Bond:

A corporate vice president at Microsoft who has had a significant impact on Xbox gaming in recent years, made the other statement. Instead of focusing on how games are accessed, Bond examines how cloud technology has the potential to fundamentally alter the way they are created. These games will be different from their predecessors in that they will focus on the importance of the Internet and cloud service providers’ collaboration with developers. Sega and Microsoft’s experiments could have a significant impact on how other developers view cloud services if they succeed.

Sega’s New Strategy for Microsoft Sonic the Hedgehog

The Sega-Microsoft deal, in a sense, isn’t a shock. Nothing concrete has ever surfaced regarding Microsoft’s acquisition of Sega’s Xbox Game Studios division. Even in the year 2020, Microsoft flatly denied the rumours. Even so, the fact that the two companies worked together on a Minecraft-Sonic the Hedgehog crossover and had other friendly exchanges shows that they have a good working relationship. Sega and Microsoft have been bumping into each other for years and have finally agreed to collaborate on a long-term project that benefits both companies.

Sega’s positive outlook on cloud gaming is yet to be proven.

When it comes to cloud gaming, there are those who believe it’s too resource-intensive to use, even as 5G networks are being deployed worldwide. Although streaming games to one’s home is undeniable, the convenience of doing so cannot be denied. It’s possible that Sega and Microsoft can streamline cloud gaming and use its digital structure to add new mechanics and ideas to games after all if they work together. Fans may have to wait a few years for more concrete information, such as game reveals, as the deal was just announced. The cloud gaming journey of Sega and Microsoft has just begun.

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