Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

On the 21st of February in the year 2022, NASHVILLE, Tenn. To commemorate Trump’s presidency, USAmemorabilia.com has launched the POTUS TRUMP NFT Collection, sponsored by Parler. Among the 10 original digital artworks included in the POTUS TRUMP NFT Collection is a depiction of the Fourth of July visit to Mount Rushmore and Christmas in the White House. The platinum and gold levels of the limited-edition collection contain 10,000 NFTs each. The artwork for each NFT is hidden until it is purchased, so there is an element of surprise for collectors. Of course, collectors can purchase numerous items in order to complete the POTUS TRUMP Collection.

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The POTUS TRUMP NFT Collection was designed by former First Lady Melania Trump. According to Mrs. Trump, “Expanding my NFT platform and being able to celebrate significant events in our nation’s history are two of the greatest honours of my life. Working with others will allow us to give true and unique aspects of US history.” Fans of history can now buy patriotic items with immutable provenance from USAmemorabilia.com, an extension of Melania Trump’s NFT platform. Each month, USAmemorabilia.com will issue digital collectibles that celebrate historical events, notable patriots, national holidays, key monuments, and landmarks. the 21st of February, at nine o’clock in the morning, the POTUS TRUMP NFT Collection will go on sale (EST). The collection’s NFTs are each priced at $50. USA Memorabilia NFT uses the Solana blockchain protocol to store transactions.

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