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PlayStation 5 sales numbers were made public by Sony, however Microsoft has been more secretive about Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sales figures. The PS5 has already sold twice as many units as both Xbox consoles combined, according to an analyst.The PS5 was the best-selling system in January 2022, according to data from the NPD group. Ampere Research Director Piers Harding-Rolls estimates that 17.1 million consoles have reached consumers after shipping over 17.3 million units.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a retailer is warning customers against purchasing PS5 consoles.

With the PS5’s lifetime sales surpassing those of the Wii U, Harding-Roll estimates suggest that the PS5 sold nearly twice the number of Microsoft consoles. According to Harding-Rolls, 10.3 million Xbox Series consoles have been sold. According to the analyst, Xbox Series S consoles accounted for the majority of these transactions because they were easier to obtain than Xbox Series X systems.

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At this moment, it appears that Sony’s platform continues to surpass Xbox Series devices, however these are only estimates from Microsoft. Harding-Rolls believes that the number of Xbox Series consoles that have actually been sold is closer to 10.3 million, rather than the previously estimated 12 million. In January, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, revealed that the Xbox Series consoles have become the fastest-selling Xbox consoles of all time.. Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles outsold the coveted Xbox 360 at the start of its lifespan. Due to a global shortage of semi-conductors, both Sony and Microsoft have been unable to meet consumer demand for their PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Because of this, both consoles would have sold far more copies, according to Harding-Rolls. Scalpers have a significant impact on Xbox and PlayStation system supply, which implies that while the businesses ship and sell consoles, not all of these consoles reach users who truly want to use them. In a Reddit video, people can be seen standing close to many PS5 consoles on the street. In a second car, there are even more PS5s, as well as some Xboxes.

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