Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

In a cyberattack on the NFT (non-fungible token) trading platform, 1.7 million dollars (1.5 million euros) worth of digital works were taken. According to OpenSea, this is indeed the case.

There were 32 persons affected initially, but now that number has been decreased to 17. The firm co-founder Devin Finzer explained on Twitter that the “phishing” attack took place last Saturday for three hours and used the “phishing” approach to gather confidential user data.

Steal Works in NFT

Today, OpenSea announced in a tweet that the number of people affected had been trimmed from the 32 originally reported. The company stated this was done by calculating the number of people who had communicated with the attacker.

“The attack is no longer active,” OpenSea said in a statement today, adding that it is working “around the clock” to find the “precise source” of the theft.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are digital artefacts that can be unique or artificially rare thanks to the encryption technology of the block chain or “blockchain” (the same one used for cryptocurrencies), not just for artistic objectives but also for economic ones. Similar to purchasing an original on the traditional art market, buyers in the new NFT market are certified as possessing a unique or rare piece in the new NFT trade.

A total of 254 NFTs worth around $1.7 million were taken during the three-hour attack, according to the specialised media The Verge. Users may easily browse and bid on non-fungible tokens on OpenSea’s easy-to-use platform, which is currently valued at over $13 billion ($11.5 billion), making it one of the most important players in the NFT market.

Federal Elections

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However, as The Verge points out, the site has had a number of security issues and was updating its system at the time of the hack. EFE

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