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Stained glass artist’s son:

  • “I was always around colour and light as a kid, and you can see how that really inspired my art style today,” he said.

However, Dowbak is not a stained-glass company. In November 2020, he made his debut on the NFT art scene as Mad Dog Jones. According to the website Cryptoart, which tracks the total transaction value of every NFT created by an artist, Dowbak’s total artworks are now valued at more than $18 million. Unique digital assets stored on the Ethereum blockchain known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) Despite the fact that they can be traded, they are not a currency because they are not interchangeable.

For Dowbak’s friends:

the “triple crown” is an accomplishment that has been referred to as the “triple crown” by the artist. NFT royalty was proclaimed after he sold REPLICATOR for $4.1 million in August 2021.

You won’t want to miss anything new on NFTs.

“I want to keep the design and aesthetic standards high and make sure that every new piece is compelling. I’ll never put out a product that isn’t interesting or unique. ‘I want to push the envelope with every new release,’ he told Fortune magazine.

Here are the steps he took to become a successful NFT artist:

  • “Xero Alley” is a piece of digital art by Mad Dog Jones.
  • Mad Dog Jones provided the image.
  • Become well-known in the field of fine art.
  • In 2020, Dowbak had already established himself as an artist before he entered the NFT space.

He has no formal training:

but he started posting digital artwork on Instagram in June of this year, and it quickly became a popular topic. As a result, he began working with well-known photographers, such as Daniel Mercadante, and musicians like the Montreal-based electric-funk duo Chromeo.

He attributes a large part of his NFT success to his “artistic cred,” according to Dowbak.

The Diesel Art Gallery in Tokyo hosted Dowbak’s first exhibition in 2019 called AFTERL-IFE WORLD, which he claims has received a lot of attention on the internet and in the fine art world. The following year, he debuted his first collection of NFTs. He told Fortune that his Instagram and art world success “opened a lot of doors” for him. “I didn’t become an artist the day NFTs went viral because I started from scratch. As soon as these new doors opened, I already had a large number of people through them. ”

Be a part of NFT communities online

It was nearly a year before Beeple’s digital artwork was sold for $69 million in 2021 that Scott Martin and other artists were introduced to NFTs by Dowbak. It was in the summer of 2020 that he was first made aware of NFTs. This NFT marketplace SuperRare caught his eye after receiving an email from a friend.

I was already in contact with Nifty Gateway by the time the first Fewocious and Beeple drops were happening,”

  • Dowbak told Fortune, referring to another hugely successful NFT artist. It was in November of the same year that I experienced my first decline with Nifty.
  • Choosing a market
  • You must use an online marketplace in order to make a sale of an NFT.

Dowbak isn’t a fan of being tied down to a single operating system.

  • He used to sell his NFTs on Nifty Gateway, but he now sells them on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace that is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Dowbak says that “anything taken from Nifty can now be sold through OpenSea.” Artists can use Manifold to mint their own work, which he said he’s done in the past through auction houses like Phillips, Christie’s, and Sotheby’s. More recently, he’s sold his work directly through OpenSea, a platform for artists to mint their own work. “I favour a decentralised strategy,” says the thinker. Having a wide range of platforms to choose from is essential.”

Digitize your work and keep a record of it.

A “mint” is the process of creating a non-fungible token (NFT) and incorporating it into the blockchain. Once NFTs have been minted, they can be traded, sold, and purchased by the general public.

In many cases, minting can be done directly on the marketplace where you want to sell your product.

  • “Nifty Gateway” minted “my earlier pieces,” Dowbak said in a Fortune interview. Since then, I’ve used my own smart contract with Manifold in order to mint coins. “

For example, smart contracts keep track of the owners of NFTs and also keep track of when NFTs are bought and sold. Artists can use Manifold Creator to mint their own NFTs and deploy contracts that are owned by the artist. As a result, artists are able to list their newly created NFTs on well-known marketplaces like OpenSea while still maintaining control over the process.

Forever is the name of Mad Dog Jones’ NFT.

  • Mad Dog Jones provided the image. Your NFTs should be priced accordingly. NFT marketplace entry and pricing knowledge are learned through practise and experience.
  • It’s no secret that Dowbak’s work has gone from selling for $3,000 to commanding prices in the six- and seven-figure range.

In an interview with Fortune, Dowbak said that “bidding wars increased and my 1/1’s started selling for $250,000,” referring to one-of-a-kind items. When REPLICATOR went public, it sold for $4.1 million, which was insane. However, I’ve always allowed the market to determine the price by setting the opening bid at $1.

An endorsement from a well-known person can be extremely beneficial.

Lewis Hamilton, one of the most famous Formula One drivers in the world, is just one of the celebrities who have shown their support for Dowbak’s work in the NFT industry. On July 16, Hamilton debuted a custom real-life helmet designed by Dowbak in an Instagram post that received over 1.4 million views. 3.5 million people in the United Kingdom tuned in to watch Lewis compete in the British Grand Prix, which he also wore the special helmet for.

Dowbak’s art was highlighted by the helmet, which was not an NFT.

  • I was a little obsessed with Lewis Hamilton’s helmet over the weekend. On July 16, 2021, ESPN F1 (@ESPNF1) tweeted:

However, NFTs aren’t profitable for everyone.

If you’re hoping to make a quick buck in the NFT market, tread carefully. The NFT art market is not a digital gold mine where any novice can make a fortune in a matter of minutes From “wash trading” to Discord hacks, scams abound, and it is easy to make a costly mistake. Despite the fact that Dowbak and other artists have done well in the NFT sphere, it’s important to remember that the environment can also include financial predators.

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