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The crypto bull run of this cycle has given rise to a brand new and exciting industry. Several cryptocurrencies in the world of “play-2-earn” have reached market capitalizations in excess of $1 billion. Defi and NFT power the METAFLOKIRUSH ($METAFLOKIR) ecosystem for gamers and traders. We want to be a place where people can have fun, but also a place where they can make money. Because we want our players to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience, the METAFLOKIRUSH ecosystem incorporates gaming and cryptocurrency elements to accomplish this goal.

GameFi Metaverse Project Will Revolutionize The Gaming

Once they’ve entered the metaverse, this $DOGE generator token will wreak havoc on 2022. We have no doubt that this project will become a major player in the crypto industry in the near future.

By giving Doge Rewards from our Doge-Bank to everyone, MetaFlokiRush aims to bring values and extraordinary benefits to the metaverse world for everyone, as well as show appreciation to those who made it to the Top 50 Club by rewarding them with Doge-Bank rewards.

After that MetaFlokiRush will continue to offer Play-to-earn gameplay that is the best and most unique out there. You’ll also gain access to a cool and unique in-game advantage if you buy NFT. The MetaFlokiRush NFT staking feature will allow players to earn more in MetaFlokiRush. The MetaFlokiRush Metaverse Experience will be designed with 100% Metaverse gameplay in mind.

MetaFlokiRush has completed the KYC process and will be audited shortly. There are no risks associated with using MetaFlokiRush at all.

The pre-sale for MetaFlokiRush is COMING!!! Pre-sale will begin at PinkSale and Pancakeswap in the next 24 hours, so be sure to mark your calendars. In 2022, it will take place at 16:00UTC on the PinkSale, a rising star launchpad. A hard cap of 600BNB is preparing them for an excellent advertising campaign.

There is no longer any doubt about the legitimacy of this project or its future; we are looking for a long-term vision and have the backing of numerous well-known gamers. Check to see if MetaFlokiRush’s stated promises have been kept and that their message has reached those who relied on it.

The following are some of the project’s best features:


Additionally, the Doge-Bank, which is filled through each buy and sell transaction on the Doge-Bank allocation, as well as the 10% transfer between wallets, provides a stable income of $DOGE as a result.

Claims procedure:

$DOGE can be collected every 24 hours, and the amount of $METAFLOKIR one has will be directly proportional to the total supply.

The 50 Best Club Reward Programs in the United States

As a way to encourage the elite 50 holders of $METAFLOKIR to hold even more, they will receive additional rewards that are also filled from each buy and sell transaction on the TOP 50 Club rewards. Every 17UTC, the data will be collected.

Play MetaFlokiRush

Unlike other endless runner games, MetaFlokiRush takes a different approach. NFTs can be minted from the game’s high-quality graphics and stunning visual effects, as well as from its playable characters and upcoming Skins. In-game bonuses will be provided by the NFT as well. There are a variety of game modes to choose from, each with its own unique challenges. While playing the game, the player will be able to earn money.


MetaFlokiRush’s native NFT-marketplace serves as a trading hub for NFTs (Non-Fungible tokens). NFT-marketplace will be used to sell artwork for $METAFLOKIR, purchase or trade in-game items such as skins, boosts, and more that can be used while playing the game by artists from all over the world in the future. And this is just the beginning; as the situation changes, more features will be added.

To be completed in the first three months of our project’s timetable, we’re already working on our NFT collection collection. As a result of their unique functionality, NFTs can be used by players during game play to enhance gameplay and gain an advantage in the race for higher yields. A future sale or trade of their items is also an option.


In addition to passive income from MetaFlokiRush’s NFTs, active income from P2E transactions is also an option. NFT Staking with high APY is available with the Cyborg-themed NFT. As you stake more money, you’ll get a better deal. In-Game Boosts are provided by the NFTs with a variety of amazing power-ups.

3 primary methods for obtaining NFTs from MetaFlokiRush are direct purchase, Gacha Minting, or being one of the top contributors.

A journey into the METAFLOKIVERSE:

Metaverse is here to stay, and METAFLOKIVERSE is our very own cute floor’s metaverse. Metafloki has shifted its focus from the endless runner game to the entire meta world. Building a civilization in the metaverse will be as simple as buying, renting, and selling land.

The members of the FLOKIWAY community are given the opportunity to assume a virtual identity and live their lives on the FLOKIWAY. The metaverse sensation is going to be epic because METAFLOKIVERSE integrates AR and VR into gaming.

The Roadmap for the Future:

Phase 1: During this stage, the emphasis is on getting things off the ground, such as coming up with new ideas, generating interest, creating a website and smart contracts, and spreading the word about MetaFlokiRush gaming and earning spirits.

Phase 2: Marketing will be the focus of MetaFlokiRush’s efforts in this phase. The MetaFlokiRush game beta test will also take place.

Phase 3: The NFT marketplace beta will be released in this phase. Audits, listings and a well-thought-out marketing campaign will be our main focus in this phase.

In this phase, the MetaFlokiVerse beta release will be released. A major marketing campaign and more CEX listings are planned for this phase.


MetaFlokiRush is a game that will change the meta industry. Having MetaFlokiRush as your ticket to the future of the metaverse is a wise investment. You can also give in-game bonuses such as magnets, speed, jumping ability, etc. with MetaFlokiRush’s awesome and unique NFT. With the MetaFlokiRush, you’ll be able to earn money by staking your NFTs in the game, as well as benefit from an in-game boost.

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