Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

The Super Bowl will be here in less than a week. The big game between the Bengals and the Rams is expected to be exciting. If you’re planning to watch the game on an older TV, you may wish you’d already upgraded. Best Buy has a great deal for you if that describes your situation. Samsung TVs are currently on sale for up to $1,000 off, making a 50-inch 4K TV as low as $400.

New Samsung TV Before the Big Game

TVs ranging in size from 50 inches to 85 inches are included in this sale, so you have plenty of options whether you’re looking for a budget TV or something more upscale like Samsung’s The Frame series.

Check to see if the TV you want can be delivered in time, or if a local store has it available for in-store pickup, because availability varies based on location. So if you’re going to play in the big game, you’ll have to do the installation yourself.

Additionally, we’re keeping tabs on all of the best deals on cheap TVs, so be sure to take a look at those as well while you’re here.

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