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During the first decade of the new millennium, role-playing video games dominated the market. Everyone was playing them, and you would have missed a lot if you weren’t. People used to have a lot more time for fun and adventure back then.


People nowadays enjoy playing music in a plethora of genres. However, RPG games are still popular today, but they weren’t as popular as they were in the 1980s and 1990s. When it comes to gamers, however, Final Fantasy has always been a household name. FFBE is a sequel to Brave Exvius, which was released before War of the Visions FFBE. While this game is still relatively new, it has already amassed over one million downloads on Google Play. Are you curious to find out what all the fuss is about? Continue reading to learn more!

The Dream of All Dreams

The Adra Kingdom, located on the Lapis continent, is the setting for the War of the Visions universe. Hundreds of years have passed since The Brave Exvius takes place in this storey. When it comes to storyline in this video game, it revolves around a legendary crystal that can have far-reaching consequences.


You’ll find yourself in the middle of a war raging across all of these countries. In the absence of a common foe or ally, you’ll all compete to rule the continent. This game employs a turn-based combat system that has been used in a number of popular video games. The strategic and elemental types of units are just two of the many aspects to keep in mind.

The most important factor in winning is how well you plan and carry out your strategy. With the help of other players, you’ll complete multiplayer missions in this video game. In addition, you can engage in duels and use an auto-battle to speed things up. For those who are just getting started, this is a godsend. Overall, this is a fun and challenging game with a lot to discover and conquer.

FFBE’s War of the Visions

This game will be a piece of cake for anyone who has ever played Final Fantasy. Newcomers, on the other hand, may be daunted by the sheer number of options. Consider that this game is too much for a newbie to handle in a single day. Nonetheless, here are a few examples of the features:

Unusual combat system – This game uses a 3D fighting style that is based on a turn-based system. To win battles, you must devise winning strategies that will aid you in your efforts. In order to win each battle, you’ll need to use a different strategy every time. For those just starting out, the auto-battle feature speeds up the action. To get an edge on your opponents, you can use a feature called “limit bursts,” which allows you to unleash powerful attacks. Espers, on the other hand, use their abilities to assist attackers from behind. This is going to be a thrilling contest.


When playing this game, you’ll find that there is a job system in place. The job system allows you to gain new positions by increasing the number of units you have available. Each unit has a special ability to deal damage to opponents and to stun them. To gain a significant advantage over your enemies in battle, you must study and strategize the job system. It’s an essential part of the game!

An enjoyable series of missions, War of the Visions In addition to the Story Quests, which serve as the game’s centrepiece, FFBE includes a variety of other quests. The World and Event Quests have over 200 different challenges to complete. Participating in these quests also gives you a chance to acquire unique materials that you won’t find anywhere else! In order to win and collect your rewards, you’ll need to use a variety of different tactics in each quest. Although it’s a great alternative to the main quests, overall it’s a rewarding experience


It is the sound that either makes or breaks a video game. While some players claim that this isn’t a significant consideration, others disagree. Isn’t it better to have a good sound system, regardless of your opinion? Background music and sound effects in War of the Visions FFBE are some of the best you’ll ever hear in a mobile game. In addition, professional voice actors in both English and Japanese are involved in the production of the audio. That is the truest form of authenticity!

Characters – Throughout the game, you’ll run into both new and old characters. A feud has broken out between the two princes who rule Leonis! The game’s central theme, the War of the Visions, is symbolised by their battle. Please be aware that there are a variety of classes to choose from. There is a lot to look forward to in this game because of the characters, each of whom has their own strengths and weaknesses. Strategize around their strengths and use the job system in your favour to gain an advantage over them!

Even though most games these days feature stunning high-quality graphics, War of the Visions’ visuals are rather plain. Everything about it is just right; it’s not overloaded with graphics or overly simplistic. It’s effective, though! It’s because this is a semi-3D game that uses turn-based combat instead of graphics that are always needed.

Playing War of the Visions FFBE with these tips

In the War of the Visions FFBE, newcomers may find it difficult to follow the rules. But for longtime Final Fantasy fans, this would be an easy transition. So, here are some suggestions for newbies:

Remember that in this game, strength and strategy are the most important factors. Choosing cards with a higher agility rating will give you more opportunities to attack during the course of the game. You’ll need the following characters: Thancred Waters and Irene, Federica and Ziza are the other members of the team.

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