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42% of UK adults believe that dating someone in the metaverse is the same as cheating on a real-life partner, according to the survey results Over half of those polled believe that wearing a virtual reality headset while having sex is acceptable.

37 percent of respondents predicted that dating in the metaverse would become more common by 2030, and 15 percent said they would consider dating someone in the metaverse.

Two-thirds of those polled expressed interest in learning more about the metaverse in the coming year, with that number rising to three-fourths of those in the 35-44 age bracket who are confident that the metaverse will be mainstream by 2030. Twenty-five percent of those polled believe that dating in the metaverse could lead to disappointment when the person you’ve been sharing candlelit virtual dinners with turns out to be a boring old human.

Metaverse Stays in Metaverse

According to Terra Virtua CEO Jawad Ashraf, “the metaverse will provide an entirely new way to interact with virtual environments and others, in a more immersive and interactive way than previously possible.” A new study by Zen Internet shows how important virtual interactions will be to our identity and relationships. ” We can’t know what the metaverse will become yet, but we do know that it will open up new opportunities in the areas of commerce, work, socialising, entertainment, and even dating. ”

You can mock it, and surveys like these are certainly tongue-in-cheek, but at least they’re getting down to the nitty gritty of what it actually means to get into a metaverse.

In the metaverse, it’s been a busy time this week. Yesterday, McDonald’s filed several trademarks in the metaverse, including one that described “a virtual restaurant with actual and virtual goods,” according to a report. Disney, Coca-Cola, Nike, Warner Brothers, and Microsoft have all made some sort of metaverse moves to varying degrees, as has Coca-Cola.

As of earlier this week, the Ifland metaverse had 1.1 million monthly active users, according to South Korean operator SK Telecom. In its FY2021 results, it stated: “With over 1,500 requests for partnerships, Ifland has attracted the attention of diverse businesses and organisations, surpassing 1.1 million monthly active users (MAU). By opening up the platform, introducing its own economic system, and expanding into foreign markets, Ifland intends to continue its growth in the future.”

Ifland, a “metaverse platform designed to maximise user experience through diverse virtual spaces and avatars,” was launched by SK Telecom in July of last year. All very nice and non-specific.

Metaverse Themed Hardware Game

Playing a metaverse-themed hardware game doesn’t necessitate getting entangled in the nitty gritty of what metaverse content is. Six new metaverse-focused labs were announced by Qualcomm yesterday. He added: “These labs will be the key to building out our XR portfolio, which encompasses best-in-class platforms, software and innovative technology features, and to make it available to all developers helping to build out the metaverse through Snapdragon Spaces. ” There’s no way we can wait for everyone to see what comes next.”

By any means necessary, the metaverse will be on the minds of tech executives for some time to come, whether it is through tangentially related public relations or signalling or specific areas of practical success. As a result, stories like this one in which OnlyFans appears to have adopted Ethereum NFT profile pictures – a storey that sets the new high water mark in the category of ‘imagine trying to explain this to your grandparents.’

Even though it can seem like a bit of a gold rush at times, finding any actual gold is far from certain. Facebook’s stock price fell by 20% this month as investors lost faith in the company’s all-in pivot to the metaverse, which included changing its name from Facebook to Meta.

It’s possible that the early internet’s emergence has something to do with big brands’ tendency to hurl themselves at new technologies. In retrospect, it’s easy to see why companies, fearful of being left behind as new technologies emerge and disrupt their business models, are so quick to jump on board with any new trend in technology. It’s fine if you have the money.

The future of crypto, NFTs, and metaverses is still up in the air, but companies are clearly willing to invest in these new trends emerging from the tech world. However, the perennial problem remains that no one outside of tech enthusiasts and the very online knows what you’re talking about if you told them McDonald’s is going to start selling burgers in the metaverse..

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