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The traditional CEO role is being replaced by more specialised leadership positions like the chief data officer or the chief technology officer in the rapidly expanding data and artificial intelligence industry. In recent weeks the Metaverse has been the talk of the town. Big tech companies like Meta and Roblox have already started providing users with experiences in this virtual reflection of reality, even though the concept is still under development. It’s not a surprise that the ‘Chief Metaverse Officer’ may become the next big leadership role, given the recent developments.

If you think of it this way, Web 3.0 is like a virtual space that connects people to places and things, rather than just to each other. Web 2.0 was all about connecting people to each other. For example, Futures Intelligence Group CEO Cathay Hackl posted a LinkedIn image to show this concept. “Imagine yourself walking down the street,” she said. You have an epiphanic insight into a product you’ve been putting off purchasing. Next to you, a vending machine stocked with the product and variants you had in mind appears right in front of you. You stop at a vending machine, choose a product, and have it delivered to your home.

A Chief Metaverse Officer is required

The need for expertise and specialisation in managing the Metaverse and its offerings necessitates the need for a Chief Metaverse Officer. Metaverse collaborations, exhibitions, and fashion shows have drawn luxury fashion labels. For their Metaverse platforms, the biggest tech companies are competing with each other for the best engineers and programmers. There are also specific Metaverse-related jobs being advertised by Nike, Balenciaga, and Disney, as well A leader would be needed to oversee the virtual reality projects that companies hire engineers to work on. This has led experts to predict that the Chief Metaverse Officer role will become more prevalent in the future.

According to Vogue, luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren still have their CDOs or CCOs in charge of Metaverse projects. Burberry’s Metaverse dive is overseen by the channel innovation team and the digital commerce function, whereas Gucci has created a new position called “director of new business gaming and collectables.” Companies such as the Futures Intelligence Group, Zepeto, and PHYGICODE already employ this type of person.

Defining a Chief of the Metaverse

“A professionally trained futurist and strategist, who has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Magic Leap, and HTC VIVE, and helps brands understand how this new paradigm will affect their businesses,” is how Hackl described her role to Freethink in an interview with her. If you’re looking for a CMO who can help you grow your brand in the Metaverse, look no further than Hackl. These include Metaverse growth strategies, non-traditional forms of transportation (NFTs), video games, online fashion, and advice on how to expand their brands into virtual worlds (VW).

Essentially, a Chief Metaverse Officer would be a technology expert with a deep understanding of video games and the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Additionally, they must have a working knowledge of the creative aspects of the market. Individuals with backgrounds in Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine skills, or in Blender and Maya, are needed to have a clear picture of how the Metaverse will look and function. On the technical side, they’d need to be familiar with cryptocurrency, cloud computing, blockchain, and game engines.

An organization’s brand, image, mission, and vision are all managed by the Chief Metaverse Officer. Asked by Vogue about the duties of a Chief Metaverse Officer, Hackl elaborated. Virtual goods, NFTs, virtual avatars, and other projects all fall under this category. They will serve as the “point person” for the organisation, coordinating with the various customers and teams and acting as the face of the company. The Chief Metaverse Officer is exactly the kind of person who is needed in the field of data science right now. It is their job to bring the creative and technical ideas of Metaverse and the brands together in order to create an enriching experience for the user. Web 3.0 has a slew of potential initiatives, but so far, few have gained traction. Because they are familiar with and adept at working in this new environment, Chief Metaverse Officers will be instrumental in bringing new ideas to fruition.

The Chief Metaverse Officer’s future

According to Hackl, luxury and progressive brands are expected to consider this role by 2023. It has been compared to being a social media guru, which has been met with scepticism and ridicule on the internet.

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